Wednesday, September 2, 2009


If you were to say weekending to me. I would think of some wonderful escape to New England. You know, a little Martha Stewart/Barefoot Contessa-ish. I think it's funny that I love these women's homes, organizational skills and simplicity, yet I couldn't be any more different from them if I were, oh I don't know, a peach. Yes, I couldn't be more different if I were a fruit.

So, let me give you my version of weekending.

I had a blessed weekend. No, truly, God ordered it up for me over easy. I am blessed. Friday found us with a play date in the park with some of my favorite moms in all the land, and I was able to visit with new moms and old moms like myself.

{sigh...I'm an 'old' mom} When did that happen??? What constitutes being an old mom?

Here's my partial list:
*You let your kid eat off the floor when he drops his Cheerios.

*Your kid playing outside naked doesn't freak you out. Outside naked in the mud. In the rain. In the hurricane. Okay we don't get hurricanes around here, but you get the idea.

*You don't even think about what kind of diapers you buy, but do heavily consider going diaper free.

*You don't see a stroller as useful anymore.

*You let your kid wear a stained shirt. {That would have been a shock and horror of a faux pas for me 5 years ago. I would have thrown the shirt away. Brett says I've come a long way.}

*You keep red wash cloths in you emergency kits. Red doesn't show either you or your kid how much blood has been lost. Really good idea for this queasy mom.

*You refer to your child as kid. Doesn't that sound a little distant?

*Basically, no undergarments get twisted around when it concerns your kid's hygiene or boo-boo's or developmental processes or the coolest, newest baby gadgets.

Quick tangent: My best friend from high school's mom said "Adelia, you have the wrong sex of children to be squeamish." This after T-Bird cut his hand. The red washcloth then entered my life 4 and a half years ago. We became fast friends.

That evening found me with one of my dear friends celebrating her Birthday! I wanted to do something very "Dana" soooo, my BIG idea was to take her to paint pottery. I think it was very "Dana."
Doesn't she look like a Bohemian Princess? Oh, this season's fashions are going to work out well for her. Bohemian is here!

And this woman is a mad, crazy artistic gal. Don't let her fool you. She totally did a 'family soap dish' for Dana's family. And by 'family soap dish' I do mean that she painted each member of the fam on the dish. Oh, and she's into details, down to the color of eyes and length of sideburns. Oh my! The talent in even one pinky...

What's a party with out dinner?

Then came Saturday, and we had a picnic and hike planned with another family.

Look at this gigantic {whoa, gigantic looks funny spelled out too} crawdad we stumbled upon at the beginning of the trek.

Determining which direction.
Lead us on, oh fearless leaders!
I'm pretty sure this kid's favorite Scripture is, I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength! Look, he's even glowing with the might.

I was pretty sure someone was going to spew! Ick. I'm dizzy just thinking about it!

Sweet girls!
Then that evening found us celebrating our favorite couple who now live 20 minutes from us!! Woo-hoo!!!
It was Warren's Bday! This is him saying, "No way! Really?!" He's going on a dream trip. A trip he and his brother have always wanted to go on. Yes, his bro is going too. So, so neat. Everyone pitched in to send him away. Isn't that neat to be so loved that people want to help your dreams and desires come true?!
There is our fave couple who now live 20 minutes away! Did I say that already?

And then there is Kim and I. Love, love her. And she now lives only 20 minutes away! Okay, I'll stop.

Brett and I got to spend some time together afterward BECAUSE my mom kept ALL of the boys! Oh ya! We went to her house for omelets for lunch. Because we slept in past breakfast...and skipped church. Sshhh.

That afternoon found us at our neighbor family's for a hot dog and brat roast! We've been invited over several times yet timing didn't work out. Then we invited them over but had to cancel since the plague was present.

This is not the plague. Don't be confused.

Oh, and our formal invitation arrived as a crank call from the patriarch of the family. Nothing like being harassed on Sunday morning.

The Professors first s'more! He finally gave it a chance!
This kid gives everything a chance at least twice.

This should be interesting...

And now, a naked story. {By special request} We so enjoyed Allen and Suzanne. As the night grew a little chilly, we moved the party inside. The kids were watching a movie while the big people chatted around the kitchen table. Then sweet Mackensie came in to whisper in her momma's ear. Suzanne laughs and says, Kensie says that one of your boys is taking off all of his clothes. Sigh, Hoot...Obviously...Except...It was The Professor!!!! He was standing in front of T with his glory shining. Quickly, the clothes were replaced. Later we had a talk where I reminded him about his privacy and not to show his privacy especially in front of little ladies. His response, "I wasn't in front of the little ladies, I was in front of T." Oh my...
Then the rest of the story came out. The kids had been talking about chiggers. That's when the Prof started showing everyone his chiggers, er, chigger bites that is. And yes, they are all over his thighs and general groin area. {Inhale.........exhale..........} This is what I mean about being an "old mom" I'm not having a breakdown over his disrobing exhibition. Fortunately, Suzanne and her family found it extremely amusing. And it doesn't help that during his disrobing he exclaimed, "I'm all muscle, ladies." A mix of two lines from Madagascar {King Julian} and Sinbad {some old man}. That kid and his memory!
There it is, my weekending. Not quite the subtle Hampton life. We didn't have any sweaters tied about our necks or any fancy, miniature food. Not even a glass of wine. But by crackies, it was my weekend, and I quite enjoyed it. I was blessed. Like I said, God ordered it up over easy for me.
Blessed, blessed. All of my favorite people in one weekend. Does it get any better?

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Emily said...

Oh, Adelia. This made my night. Plus, I love "New Shoes."

christine said...

So, SO funny! I love that your little man flaunted "a little muscle". :) Ha!! So wonderful to see you the other day! You always brighten my day!

Shan said...

Oh my word! That was a plump and juicy peach of a post and QUITE a weekend! It looked like a summers worth of Shan weekends! Which reminds me, if you are an "old mom" what does that make me? Baha!

Which reminds me of another thing, I need to STOP wearing strapless tops! That was really more of a note to self but I'm in the mood to share-obviously.

And on the topic of bad ideas, what "artist" puts a picture of a family right where the soap goes! Not the most clever thing I've done but I so appreciate your kindness. :) That WAS a super fun night! Thank you!

And speaking of you, wonderful pic of you and your now 20 min. away(was it?) friend. Gorgeous shirt and hair combos there on you girls. So visually pleasing.

But as visually pleasing as the close up chigger expose' at Suzannes? Probably not. ;) HA! You ARE a well seasoned mom now aren't you.

Adelia said...

Yay, Emily! If we had nothing else going for us, at least "New Shoes" will bind us together!!!

Adelia said...

Chris, ditto back to you! Your love of life and your joy are contagious!! :-D

Adelia said...

Well, Shan, I think this past weekend made up for my stinky summer. The good thing is that I didn't feel rushed or overbooked. It was good!

I picked up your soap dish yesterday and it looked AMAZING. You did a good thing. And the family who warshes together stays together. (Warsh is a more vigorous cleansing than washing alone) Having the fam on the dish is so symbolic and perfect. ;)

You look great in your strapless top! Shush!

Thanks for the compliments!

You're such a great gal!!