Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He Just Has Itchy Fingers

I have one of those kids. You know the one that is sweet and cooperative, kind and fun loving. He doesn't give me a hard time. He's just great. The easiest kid I have.

With easy has come creativity. That boy has to be creative ALL THE TIME. I get "Mom, I need to do something several times a day." One of his other favorite things to ring out is We can do anything we want! In a sing-song creative sense of anything we want.

I'm all for crafts and creativity as long as my house is in order. Yes, my stumbling block is my home. I hate having fun in a mess. Laundry and dishes and dogs seem to be my creative foes. However, Mr Creativity T-Bird has no problem designing in any circumstance. We say to our boys, You are destined for greatness. When we say that to T, he just looks up at us and says, I know.


Here's what happened during Math.

Our own Math U See mascot.

By the way, the assignment had nothing to do with fashioning your own critter. He just sees things differently.

And look at this fine Italian Leather gift of a journal Brett received from one of his friends who journeyed to the great boot of a country nearly a decade ago.
{Brett used to be something of a writer. Kids have delayed that greatness a bit. This journal has sat empty all these years}

You really shouldn't let things just sit around. Especially, since Itchy Fingers himself is lurking about.

Because he will snatch it up and begin writing and illustrating his own great work.


Deep, deep thoughts.

Think, think, think.

Ah, yes that's it...
While T should have asked to use the journal, Brett and I are both so, so pleased that he has taken to writing sentences and conversations all on his own accord. This is another prayer answered. T-Bird has never been one to just sit down and write a paragraph. Of course, he just turned seven, but sometimes I have such big ideas of what my children should do and when. T just needed the right venue to express himself. It's so much easier to let our kids develop in their time instead of our {read also society's} ideas of what is appropriate when. Yea for T!
Back to itchy fingers. Recently he glued his Daddy's wallet to my dresser. You would think my ears would perk up a bit more when he says he needs to do something...
Yesterday, he trimmed my hedges, brought in the clippings, duct taped them to a box to make forest shrubbery so they could recreate the Appalachians and he could be Daniel Boone. He would be both Daniel and Indians when needed.
We're working on reigning him in. Do you see a pattern? He does things to see what will happen as in discovery, imagination, education--not thinking that the things he touches are things that could be dangerous and he should ask for help. That would interrupt the creative surprise. I mean should he really just go pick up hedge clippers and have at it?? I was thinking NO!
Overall, I'm so thankful for his creative little spirit. I just have to make sure to remember what needing to do something means...

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Shan said...

What a dollboy! Oh but they all are I know. :D

I'm like you with the crafty creativity in a messy environment-so distracting. This is why I don't get creative very often. wink

Adelia said...

Oh, but when you do get creative, WATCH OUT! You are talented, my lady!!