Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Homeschool Files: A Mushroom Study

Yes, I'm ridiculous. Yes, I love mushrooms. Yes, some piece of me thinks they are magical and are an important piece to an enchanted forest. Blast me and my whimsical thoughts. But truly, mushrooms are fun to discover, at least for this herd.

We've enjoyed our mushroom study and wanted to share some of our finds.

A beautiful fungus. My favorite.
Doesn't this mushroom just make you happy?!!?

We even found a fairy ring less than a mile from our home. I didn't have my camera and went back to get it. By the time we returned, some ADULT had mowed them all down. Why can't big people see the beauty in a ring of mushrooms?!?!
Okay, the only time I don't like mushrooms is when my husband refers to morels as Dry Land Fish. It totally grosses me out. Morels grow up in his mountain homeland. Bleh, for eating Dry Land Fish. Bleh, bleh.
And did I mention that I'm totally allergic to mushrooms. Sad, sad. They are so good (!!) but not so good for me. {sigh of disappointment}......
Since I can't eat them, I'll observe them!

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christine said...

I LOVE mushrooms. And also love the word whimsical. And love you for using it. That is all the love I think we can handle for now. :)

Adelia said...

Ooooh, but just a little more love. Because I love that you love all of these things and me!!

Okay, now enough love. :-D