Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Images That Make Me Smile

I forgot this one on the mushroom post. It's a mushroom growing directly in the middle of a fence post! So neat! And yes, I took a picture of it in front of Brett's family as they all looked at me like I'm crazy. Well, I am crazy and I like random beauty. Now that we all know that, we can move forward.

Sweaty, red faced boy! I love this look on him.

A fence full of boys. Note: the flamboyantly, ridiculously clad child is mine. Just like his flamboyantly ridiculous Momma.

I don't believe this set could hold another child. 7 boys/1 girl. She's gonna be tough.

I don't know why I kept falling for it. Tristan would ask me something and then I'd answer and he'd just look at me like, well, like this...Ya, keep talking lady. I ain't hearing a thing.

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christine said...

Are those red boots off P-dub's website?! ;) Love em!