Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Butterfly Day

It's a magical time of year. Fall always makes me believe anything is possible. There is something so rejuvenating, for this lass anyway, about Autumn. One of the most wonderful happenings of this season is of course caterpillar and butterfly season!!

The boys and I received a sweet serendipity. We were able to go the local botanical gardens during their butterfly day a couple of weeks ago!

Lots and lots of random and amazing information about these guys! I won't litter your brain today with the tidbits.

Look at how this chrysalis stands out!

Spice Bush Caterpillar. How can anyone say God doesn't exit when this caterpillar was designed to look like a snake to protect them from predators and other spice bush caterpillars look like birdie poo...Who wants to eat bird poop?! Nice disguise. And, ooops, I'll stop littering your brain with random information. It's just so easy to see God in nature. So complex, so perfect.

The much loved Monarch caterpillar.
How many of these little guys can you count?

Black Swallowtail caterpillar on fennel.

Oh My Word! Hoot is sitting and being quite behaved...Quick take a pic!
Ah, documentation!!

The beekeepers were there as well. T-Bird came face to face with his nemesis...The Bee. Dun, dun, dun. Surprisingly, he was quite ready to learn and understand his foe. Is beekeeping in our future, I'm not sure? We're discussing it...for our little farm.

And now for a bit of random. That woman was a professor of mine from UofA. Mondo Bizarro. She has the eye of Ra tattooed on her toe. Oops, more littering of random info. My apologies.

A bit of disturbia now. When I realized 50 elementary students were about to bombard the children's garden, my thought was to get to Hoot and quick. The kids came running in, Hoot quickly scooted into the chaos, threw his arms in the air while squealing with delight and ran with the pack. Disturbing!! He doesn't know he's little.

Doesn't this look like a bad idea waiting to happen!?

Oh, we all know it's coming...

Because that's how we roll...

You just expect it with these two.
But it didn't happen!!! It would have been great if you could have seen the process and how they would cross and turn around to cross again while the other was hurdling himself forward half a stone away! Those boys.

And I made new friends outside of my small town mommas!!! Kind of neat for me.
Thanks to my friend who made this possible.

I almost forgot. It's like we're coming full circle. Below is a yearbook snip it from when I tagged monarchs. Cool, huh. I love wing-ed things! And now my kiddos are loving and learning about creatures as well. Fun, fun for this Momma. Weird to say momma when looking at the 17 year old version of myself. My...My...
Who knew she was destined to marry Mr Dreamy and have a basketful of boys......Trust me, that girl above had NO idea!

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Jerri Dalrymple said...

I always love your educational posts...and the not-so-educational, but very cute ones, too! :0) What really caught my eye on this one, though, was one of my dearest friends in the background with her kiddos. She led me into homeschooling and is near and dear to my heart. I don't get to see her nearly enough, so thanks for accidentally sharing her with me, LOL!

Adelia said...

What?! That's so great. This group of ladies were so so kind and welcoming to me and the boys. I'm glad I could unexpectedly share your friend with you!! :-D

And I just realized this post got no title. Hmm...must fix that.