Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Super Birthday

When did fall turn into party season? It seems we have so many birthdays and anniversaries during the fall months now.

Here is one of our parties we attended. A "Super" party with Super Heroes!

Now that kid has got some muscles!

This girl!!! That's all you have to say! Oh, I adore this girl. Perfectly pretty, completely tomboy!

Birthday Boy, hanging out as a regular boy. But truly, he's Spider Man when the world needs him.

And his Dad is Mr. Incredible. That's just incredible to me.

My dear love chose to entertain the kids by tossing and flipping them into the jumpy blow up thingy.

And this girl couldn't get enough of Brett.

Look at the trail of kids hunting him down.

Even out to the trash.

Look at the two monkeys inspecting the trash...momentarily distracted.
Brett has the lid to reach a toy that is stuck beyond his reach. He doesn't just carry lids to trash around for the fun of it. Not usually, at least.

What a lovely couple.

A Super Family

We had a blast. My friend Briana took tons of fantastic pictures. If you're my facebook friend, you may have seen them. My memory card was nearly full...How did that happen?? Oh, that's right, Hoot and the Professor explored their world through my lens without permission. Hmmm...but they are good picture takers...kind of.

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Lauren said...

Oh my goodness Adelia!! your family so "super" cute!! I think you are wonder woman to be able to handle 3 small men, and 1 big man. :) Thanks for sharing!

Adelia said...


Thanks, and you are one to talk, I just got your email and I thought, "That girl is on it!" :)

Thanks for stopping by!!