Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Sweet Saturday

A couple of Saturdays ago, the boys and I enjoyed a day downtown to support Hannah's Hope. It ended up being a beautiful, bright sunshiny morning! What a blessing! The local safari had brought animals for a small petting zoo. Hoot was in love of course. That kid thinks he is an animal. Oh, how many times did Brett and I look at our then six month old who was impersonating our cat or dog all the time. He would walk on all fours, not hands and knees, as his mode of transportation...We should have known then what we were in for.

Here's my handsome T-Bird.
And the ever eager Hoot.

Too big for his britches.

And here is where something amazing happened. Brian Kinder also performed that morning. Brian Kinder and his wife are fantastic. My kids love his music---Brett does not. Anyway, we've been to a BK concert before, and man oh man, does he draw the kiddie crowd. BK is great at getting the kids involved and such, but my boys don't like uber large crowds. T-Bird, while being a wild card, also likes to play it low key in public. He doesn't like to draw attention to himself. But something has been stirring in his little self lately. He's been speaking up and out. He even asked our waitress a couple of weeks ago for a refill followed with a please ma'am!!! Puhwhat?!?! {a Hootism} We've been working hard on manners and using articulation and annunciation. Wow! If you just knew how soft spoken he is...That was just amazing. Well, prepare yourself for more amazingness.
{A surprise blessing: BK's crowd was small. Thank you, Lord. It allowed an exercise in confidence.}
So watch this.

Just hanging out slurping on sno cones on a little bale of hay. Gosh amighty, they are gorgeous.

Oh, it's even better from the front.
What is it about jeans that just seem to enhance the cute factor???

What?? {!!!!!} Is that kid singing? My kid?? {!!!!!} Singing!? In front of a crowd??!!

Ya, Hoot's licking his lip like a baby calf and T's mouth is wide open joining in song!

And then the unthinkable...T just ups and walks to join in the crowd. The brothers follow. Now that's a handsome back row!

And participates even with the props from the Kinders!!
With a smile!

Not everyone can pull off kissy fish glasses---But boy oh boy, Professor X has got it goin' on!

Look at that chorus line.

Sing it, Baby!

Those chickens are dancin'!! {That kid in orange is super cute, oh wait, he's mine!}

My little white Pumpkin Head.

Seriously, this is something I've been praying for my T-Bird. He gets a little upset because brother #2 is really outgoing and {overly??}confident. Let's just say the Professor is type A. He'll say and do anything at least twice which makes for good laughs. T, who loves random, ridiculous hilarity, loves to laugh and watch his brother but sometimes T feels left out. I've seen T make new strides and really step out of his comfort zone. This is huge for my little guy with phlegmatic tendencies. HUGE. T even sang into the microphone as well. Oh ya, and Hoot too.
What a blessing to have a small crowd where my kids were able to get up close an personal with the Kinders. They think they are famous. T said afterward, "Did you see Brian look at me? He knows I'm a good singer." Yes, my dear, you are a great singer and of course Mr Brian couldn't help but notice someone as fantastic as you!

~~We are blessed!~~

And for those of you in my Small Town, you'll notice familiar faces scattered here and there. It is a small town after all.

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Charlie said...


Looks like it is time for the dictionary.

You're right-really cute kids.

I wonder if the dogs who hang out in cars waiting for their humans came to hear Brian Kinder too?

Adelia said...


Thanks for the compliment.

Actually, dogs who hang out in cars are in the pharmacy parking lot. Generally, speaking of course. :-D