Monday, November 30, 2009

A Day at the Battlefield

We took a homeschool field trip to a Civil War battlefield in October. Yes, October. What, you think I'm behind a little??

T-Bird was super excited to be part of the authentic show and tell!

Hoot popped in for the compare and contrast segment. Not really, he just popped in to be the annoying little brother. He played the part well.

I'm sorry, but he's so cute!

A little dopey-ish, but definitely cute!

Spinning Nannies.

This is sweet because Hoot is embracing his brother with relief. Prof X decided to take himself to the restroom without clearing it with his momma...Me! We got a little frantic and then I finally checked the men's restroom and there he was singing and drying his hands. Ack, that boy!

Hey, did you notice the fat lip. He got that thing from not listening to his momma and continuing to monkey around with Hoot. He collided with Hoot's round head.

On T's list for Christmas, a canon. Sure, you'll be getting one son, sure, sure.

The Squirrel Ambush, possibly their favorite part of the trip. There were so many squirrels who were feeling squirrely, the boys enjoyed plotting the attack and possible capture.

Intense thoughts.

Dandelion for Momma.
Group pic?

Group pic take 2?

My favorite face that Hoot makes.

Hoot, the camera man.

Luring in vultures and hawks...So they think...
They look too fresh to taste really good.

It was such a fun day for us. We tired a little too quickly, I think, and our tummies became rather grumbly as well. As soon as we were certain we could go no more, we headed for food and home. I need to hire a driver so that I can snooze when the boys do on rides to and fro.
Hmm, there's a thought...
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Auntie A

That's me.

We decided years ago that I would be Auntie A--it's just too difficult to say Aunt Adelia. {We being my brothers and I}

We swiftly arrived at Auntie A.

Auntie A, got to see all of her nieces and nephews over the last two days. I don't often get to see my brothers kiddos which makes me sad. But, Baby, I enjoy them when I get to see them. Beautiful little people!

Now the pictorial adventures of Auntie A.

First up, me and Willy Wilbur. I love this kid. But he doesn't like ladies to hold him. He just wants to hang with the guys. Of course, my house is the land of testosterone, but he still gives me little love on the issue. It's nearly broken his sweet Auntie's heart! Oh ya, that's my youngest brother D, I mean kids just call him D...because they are strange.
Willy Wilbur found this board and refused to let go of it. He's been hanging out with my boys for too long....strange kid.

And Bubba's kids.

Nane {my mom, dubbed Nane by my still strange kids} and KayBear. This girl will grab your heart and twist it in so many lovely ways.

Nane love, the best there is.

Not the best there is. Bubba is strange, but does the best Adam Sandler in the world. This is not his Adam Sandler, this is him being him and switching hats with Hoot. And Bubba isn't his real name either. Another given name from my kids. My kids are special like that.

Me and my KayBear. She's singing to me. She's a singer. Quite dramatic, twirly and amazing. She feeeels her music. No kidding, I heard several different diddies that went to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. She made up the new words. One was about sleeping, one was about adventure and playing, and one was about discipline. She really has a talent and can rhyme!

Nane and MyBaby. Oh, I love this baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I actually love, love this baby. She told me all of her stories and how much she loved me. And even sang to me too. She and KayBear are going on the road one day. I'll be their biggest fan! Best Auntie Groupie ever!
I love the joy in my mom's face! This has to be one of my favorite pictures!!

And this boy! Elusive E. He is a little like Willy Wilbur. Don't these kids know what they are doing to me!? Give your Auntie loves!!!

Ice cream parade.

We missed KayBear's birthday last week. So, we brought the presents today. No, no, she's not dramatic like her Auntie at all.
She makes you feel like your the best Auntie and Nane in the world. Suckers, we are. For as high and dry that the boys leave us, the girls give us the love!

Oh my! My womb is itchin' for a baby girl! At least I have these ladies to do girly things with if that never happens.
Don't I look awesome holding pink??!!

Perfectly pink goodness.

Siberian Man.
Siberian Man is the opposite of pink!

She loves me. KayBear loves me.

Elusive E tolerates me.

Willy Wilbur humors me upon occasion.

I'm a blessed Auntie A.
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Night Basketball Came Back Into Our Lives

There are some moments in parenting where I stop and do a mental hurrah scream and it goes something like, This is it, we're doing it right now!! The Things to Teach Your Kid list that exists in the world. Or perhaps it's titled The Father and Son Guide. Well, a few nights ago, I did the mental hurrah scream because we checked off an item.

Brett and I love to play almost any sport. We're both activity minded people, but we don't watch ball games. We'd rather be playing a ball game with friends. Brett and I both played basketball, he played baseball and I played softball and we both played volleyball in college. Brett is a fast, skilled player at any game. {Boooo, so you got moves, so what?! Crazy puma man. I'm there for the pheromones. I let you beat me.}

Now that we are old fogies, we don't get to play very often. Wait is fogy a real word? Let's see.

Yep there it is:

fogy or fogey: n. an excessively conservative or old-fashioned person
Well, that's us definitely. I'm not joking. We're slightly ridiculous. We definitely have old-fashioned ideas and lean to the conservative side. Sigh, we are fogies......

Back to ball talk: It's time consuming, we have kids that need to be watched lest they find a way to busy themselves like gluing Daddy's wallet to Mommy's dresser.

It would be nice to have some time to hang out and play around. We love volleyball with friends, and right there is the catch. For years now, we have not had friends who like to play ball nor do they have the skill, coordination and depth perception to play. Oh so sad. The good news, we've picked up some new friends that have some skill. I think that the skill players outnumber the non-skill players enough that we could have some games next summer and it would be outrageous fun. Yea!

Anyway, for whatever nutty reason, Brett has watched a few ball games this year. Even...f-o-o-t-b-a-l-l. I cannot believe it.

Even though we have skipped out on watching most ball games, if we catch a basketball game at someone else's house we get sucked in. There is something and always be something about hearing squeaky shoes on hardwood floors and the sound of the buzzer sounding...{it's as good as a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils}...You just can't resist. Well, we can't at least.

We donated 3 hours of hour life the other night to watching NBA basketball. Yeeee! We've had some symptoms in our family that we're overcoming. We took school off this week to rest. {Ugh, I hate taking time off, next week will be make up time} So, we found the TV somewhere in the middle of all that.

T-Bird stayed up with us to learn the game better. T thinks he loves basketball. We're considering letting him play next year. {We adhere to the you can play/do anything that will serve you lifelong. Like instrument lessons, swimming, golf, horseback riding, tennis, archery...I'm not sure if Bball fits in there. We'll see. I guess that's me just being a fogey.} Anyway, the hurrah scream came when Brett started schooling his firstborn in all the rules of the game. T was quite receptive and ready for more. We had to share all of our favorites of the game. And let me just say, we are so out of the loop!!! So many new faces with a handful of familiar ones scattered in. Another side note, we are so hesitant to let T be pulled into this world of sports. As soon as you think you have a hero, the next instant they are on the news for drugs, robbery, attacking women...So, so horrible and disappointing.

But this is not disappointing.

This is a father and son enjoying the intensity of a good ball game in their jammies. They didn't even know I exist at this point.

This is good stuff.

And I'm thankful for the night that basketball came back into our lives. It was a special treat.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Dirty Confession

Oh, I've got a dirty confession all right. Strap in for this one. I read the Bible. No, no, that's not the confession. That's not dirty at all. Okay, again--I read the Bible. I own several Bibles. I'll just name a few. My NIV from my 'awakening' as an eighteen year old. It sports a nice sea green mark down its leather cover. Thank you 3 year old T-Bird. My ESV purse size, beautiful brown leather with a scroll embossing. I love this Bible. It's light-weight and tiny. It has traveled in suitcases, diaper bags, purses and picnic baskets. It's a great little guy if you have great eyesight. I do. A mother hawk in the making, I am.

And now for my dirty confession. My favorite Bible is my NASB. Well, that's not dirty at all you may think. Oh, but it is because this Bible is paperback and cost me only five bucks. I always feel like everyone is staring at me when I pull it out in group Bible studies. It is not the worn leather Bible most institutions expect a Christian woman to tote. I feel like I'm not meeting some pre-requisite for being a Christian.

I am just so hard on Bibles, they go with me everywhere. {I always keep a couple of books and a Bible in the truck--You never know when you might have a vehicular delay. Good personal development time--Or a quick escape from your situation. If you haven't already, you might stuff a book in your vehicle, it's a good thing.} And so my NASB has replaced my ESV just because Mr ESV was wearing out rather quickly. {Maybe 4 years of being toted everyday really isn't so quickly, but I thought it was}

I'm also not a write a thought in the Bible kind of gal. I know, I know, it surprises me too. I think I have lots of reasons for not writing in it. I used to write thoughts, emphasises and general who-ha, but I would go back later and just not be in that same place and would think, why did I write that? {Just me, I'm a weirdo.} However, I don't mind highlighting or a note here or there in my NASB. Perhaps it's because deep inside I know that it is serving me only for a season. Comparable to a year in school or something. This isn't the Bible I'll be using in 30 years. But if I hang onto it, I can look back in my 'notebook' and see where I was in life, where I was hoping to go, and did I arrive at my longed for location as a woman, mother, wife, friend, daughter, leader... Perhaps I'll have to get another paperback NASB in a couple of years. I know I'll be a different woman even then. The boys will be older, I'll be more of a schooling mom instead of a mom of preschoolers. Brett and I will have been together for a decade. Yep, definitely will be a different woman then. I have to admit that it sounds wonderful.

So, please don't stare. Yes, it is a cheapo paperback Bible. But I love it and am very much committed to being a woman that reflects the Lord's love and kindness. Don't judge me by my Bible.
Whew, glad I got that out.

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