Friday, November 27, 2009

Auntie A

That's me.

We decided years ago that I would be Auntie A--it's just too difficult to say Aunt Adelia. {We being my brothers and I}

We swiftly arrived at Auntie A.

Auntie A, got to see all of her nieces and nephews over the last two days. I don't often get to see my brothers kiddos which makes me sad. But, Baby, I enjoy them when I get to see them. Beautiful little people!

Now the pictorial adventures of Auntie A.

First up, me and Willy Wilbur. I love this kid. But he doesn't like ladies to hold him. He just wants to hang with the guys. Of course, my house is the land of testosterone, but he still gives me little love on the issue. It's nearly broken his sweet Auntie's heart! Oh ya, that's my youngest brother D, I mean kids just call him D...because they are strange.
Willy Wilbur found this board and refused to let go of it. He's been hanging out with my boys for too long....strange kid.

And Bubba's kids.

Nane {my mom, dubbed Nane by my still strange kids} and KayBear. This girl will grab your heart and twist it in so many lovely ways.

Nane love, the best there is.

Not the best there is. Bubba is strange, but does the best Adam Sandler in the world. This is not his Adam Sandler, this is him being him and switching hats with Hoot. And Bubba isn't his real name either. Another given name from my kids. My kids are special like that.

Me and my KayBear. She's singing to me. She's a singer. Quite dramatic, twirly and amazing. She feeeels her music. No kidding, I heard several different diddies that went to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. She made up the new words. One was about sleeping, one was about adventure and playing, and one was about discipline. She really has a talent and can rhyme!

Nane and MyBaby. Oh, I love this baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I actually love, love this baby. She told me all of her stories and how much she loved me. And even sang to me too. She and KayBear are going on the road one day. I'll be their biggest fan! Best Auntie Groupie ever!
I love the joy in my mom's face! This has to be one of my favorite pictures!!

And this boy! Elusive E. He is a little like Willy Wilbur. Don't these kids know what they are doing to me!? Give your Auntie loves!!!

Ice cream parade.

We missed KayBear's birthday last week. So, we brought the presents today. No, no, she's not dramatic like her Auntie at all.
She makes you feel like your the best Auntie and Nane in the world. Suckers, we are. For as high and dry that the boys leave us, the girls give us the love!

Oh my! My womb is itchin' for a baby girl! At least I have these ladies to do girly things with if that never happens.
Don't I look awesome holding pink??!!

Perfectly pink goodness.

Siberian Man.
Siberian Man is the opposite of pink!

She loves me. KayBear loves me.

Elusive E tolerates me.

Willy Wilbur humors me upon occasion.

I'm a blessed Auntie A.
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christine said...

I say bring on the pink!!!! That was my parents philosphy... just to keep on having kids till they got a girl. After three crazy boys, I came along. And I was considered angelic by comparison, no matter how bad I was! :)

Adelia said...

Oh ya, baby! Thanks for the support, Chris!!! I didn't know you were on the back end of boys! So inspiring!!

Rebecca said...

If you're itchin' to have some girlie times, "Auntie A" can borrow my "Gigi" anytime! She loves mani's and pedi's!

Adelia said...

Wonderful!! Suzanne offered me her girls too. I should really take you guys up on that!! :)