Monday, November 30, 2009

A Day at the Battlefield

We took a homeschool field trip to a Civil War battlefield in October. Yes, October. What, you think I'm behind a little??

T-Bird was super excited to be part of the authentic show and tell!

Hoot popped in for the compare and contrast segment. Not really, he just popped in to be the annoying little brother. He played the part well.

I'm sorry, but he's so cute!

A little dopey-ish, but definitely cute!

Spinning Nannies.

This is sweet because Hoot is embracing his brother with relief. Prof X decided to take himself to the restroom without clearing it with his momma...Me! We got a little frantic and then I finally checked the men's restroom and there he was singing and drying his hands. Ack, that boy!

Hey, did you notice the fat lip. He got that thing from not listening to his momma and continuing to monkey around with Hoot. He collided with Hoot's round head.

On T's list for Christmas, a canon. Sure, you'll be getting one son, sure, sure.

The Squirrel Ambush, possibly their favorite part of the trip. There were so many squirrels who were feeling squirrely, the boys enjoyed plotting the attack and possible capture.

Intense thoughts.

Dandelion for Momma.
Group pic?

Group pic take 2?

My favorite face that Hoot makes.

Hoot, the camera man.

Luring in vultures and hawks...So they think...
They look too fresh to taste really good.

It was such a fun day for us. We tired a little too quickly, I think, and our tummies became rather grumbly as well. As soon as we were certain we could go no more, we headed for food and home. I need to hire a driver so that I can snooze when the boys do on rides to and fro.
Hmm, there's a thought...
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christine said...

First of all, Love the group shot! Love the coordinating shirts. What a wonderful morning! And I echo the desire for a full-time driver!! Where do you think we could get one of those?!!

christine said...

by the way--Love the new look!!

Adelia said...


And I think I may have some connections on getting a driver...