Monday, November 2, 2009

I Live In Lego Land

The Creator. The Master Mind. The Big Kahuna. This is the guy who designs and assembles. Muwahhahha, maniacal laughter can be heard from his abode. Look at those distant, yet focused buggy eyes...He's thinking of his next creation.
That's his thinking cap.

And after he has assembled his genius ideas, his little minions come in to make sure his creations are up to standards.

Little Minion 1 making sure the ffffshshshssffff sound is working. You can't zoom without a ffffshshshssffff sound.

He even tastes them. Very thorough.

The is the Big Kahuna's Daddy's creation from when he was the Big Kahuna. How can that man not know what we spoke about 15 minutes ago, but when he opened the box of Legos sent to him by his momma he could remember where he was when he made them, how old he was and what pieces went where???!!! This truck towed a boat on a trailer. I believe the gene has been passed down. Look at the dust on the truck. I mean it's only like 22 years old or something like that.

Hoot's, I mean, Little Minion 2's Man. Of course, a horse.

More testing by Little Minions.

And is that really the best place for Little Minion 2 to be sitting? Hmmm....NO.

And these creations are not limited to the creation station {aka school desks}, they are everywhere. On top, inside, below, in front, hanging, peeping, buried....They are everywhere. So, for now I live in Lego Land. I feel safe and protected considering most of these creations have been trained for warfare and protection of the greater good. I consider myself among the greater good.

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