Friday, November 6, 2009

The Important Role of Boots

Boots are apparently important in about 3 areas of our lives. And I do mean cowboy boots.

Let's see, first of all you've noticed that Hoot sports his boots ALL the time. They are called 'boots ons' and if he wears any other shoes that are called 'shoes ons.' For real. He comes in carrying his shoes as we're getting ready and exclaims, Mom I found my boots ons! or Mom I found my shoes ons! This may seem a little much but when I say, Hoot, go get your boots on or Hoot, go get your shoes on, I tend to see the origins of his shoes names. So, Hoot loves Boots. He sees 'cowboys' in a store and yells, Look at those boots, look at those boots...So loud, over and over until you say, Yes, look at those boots. They are some great boots, huh!

And then I'm on a weight loss adventure. Yea, go me! I've lost 18 lbs since August. Holla! Anyway, when I meet my weight loss goal I get to buy some cowgirl boots. I have a bit of a cowgirl boots fund building up!! I have to set aside a fund because my dear friend P-Dub has me hankering for a pair of Lucchese boots. {sigh} Yes, saving, saving, saving...Unless, she sends me some because she loves me so. Well, that's important role #2 of boots in our house.

Before we move on, let us gaze upon my boots. Yes, yes, let's!

Okay, {drool swipe} moving on.

The third is this video. It's country music, so please don't disparage me or the genre. You don't have to watch or listen. My mom and I call each other when we happen to catch it playing on CMT. I don't watch very often so it's thrilling that I catch it at all. My mom kept telling me about this 'cute little boy in a video.' She actually annoyed me because she brought it up all the time and I had no idea of what she was speaking. And then I saw the video!! So stinkin' cute. That kid FEELS it. The back story is something like the mom video-ed her kid, sent it to the guy who sings the song, then the guy liked it and used the kid in the video. So neat! The kid even gets the guitar strokes. Love it. For number three on the importance of boots, I'll say they just make you happy. This video just makes you happy!

And the reason I thought of this is because my other dear friend Suzanne sent me a video of the kid. She knows me so well--she knew I'd be nutty for it and she was/is right.

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the Pinkerton family said...

Okay... wow! I could totally see Matt Pinkerton's future son [not in the oven yet ;)] acting like this... yikes, but adorable!

Adelia said...

Hahaha! For real!! Brett and I had a good laugh about the possibilities on that one! :-D