Friday, November 13, 2009

Orange, It's the New Black

Difficulty Level: strenuous to even more strenuous!!!

You would think something as simple as my husband saying, "Hey, Della, you wanna go down below my house and see the cave I found when I was 16?" would be a sweet, romantic excursion. Well, we were taking T, but I still had flights of fancy thoughts. And by 'my house' he means his momma's house. We visited the Clan this past weekend. A place where everyone wears boots and drops /g/ off on their /ing/. Lots of conversation about cows and bull riding. Brett hails from Bull Riders. His mom has some awesome cowboy, real cowboy, photos of his grandpa and uncle.

Anyway, back to this unsuspecting wife and her perilous adventure.

I always want to go out into the woods and take a walk. Brett often isn't stirred by my choices of hikes. And now I know why.
See this, just to get here, I had to make picks to dig into the side of the mountain to scoot down. Brett and T-Bird were a team. My pick and I were a team. You can't tell from this picture but the mountain was straight down!!

Notice, we were sporting this season's hottest trend. Orange. As in hunting season. When walking in the wilderness, you have to take safety precautions. Orange is the new black. It goes with everything, doesn't it?!
Notice 2, T is not dressed in proper attire, neither was I. We were just going on a 'walk' remember. I think T is wearing swishy pants and I was in my city shoes. Not hiking boots. {sigh}

Brett is full of such random information about rocks, formations, silt, clay deposits, markings...The list just goes on and on. There was an area on the hike that had so many different types of rocks that it was just incredible. So, then we rock hopped down a stream.

There he flies down the mountain with the grace and speed of a mountain lion. The camera barely catches the man.

Mountain lion Jr.

No rocks to hop here. Mountain lion Sr had no troubles. He literally hopped on the tree and then to the other side. He came back for Jr.


And here's my way of going over and under and through. One leg at a time.

There goes Jr.

I love how he pays no attention to my goofy behavior. Just a normal day for him.

Oh my...Love this kid....

Who is drawn to water like a moth to a flame.

Yep, knew that was coming.

It took us two hours to get here.
The bluff line.
We had to stop.
Never made it to the cave.
It seems you travel a lot faster when you are 16.
And I should add here that the woods are an absolute mess and very dangerous. So many trees have fallen over from The Great Ice Storm of '09. A MESS! Which is one reason that this walk in the woods earned itself a very strenuous rating.

I love this pic, not because it's a fantastic picture, but because our baby is up by the water playing behind us. Love it!

T found this walking across the stream. He decided to be a bridge for the guy.

Time to head back.
Wait, did I say ouch.
Because I meant ouch.

Straight up was the fastest way.

That meant saying goodbye to the water which truly disappointed T-Bird.
He had to sit down and give a short cry about the loss.

Can we say hungry and tired.
I know I was.

But then we found this naughty tree. I mean knotty. heheh. T put it to use.

These picture just don't communicate well the downhillness of it all. As in, we finally made to a more gentle climb, look how far we've come!?!?!

Ah, civilization!

We had a blessed trip. We look forward to going back to find Daddy's cave. We made it back without seeing one bear. Yea!! Since bears have been spotted all the time around there this year. Eeep!
I appreciate my husband's sense of adventure. And now I understand why going to local state parks doesn't really float his boat. Marked trails are not nearly as interesting as going out into your 'backyard.'
Side note, none of us were sore at all the next day! Pretty neato- mosquito.


Charlie said...

Great pictures.
Glad you made it out alive.

Alyssa said the walking stick was big (and a yucky because it is a bug)

Adelia said...

I'm glad we made it out alive too. ;-D

Alyssa is too funny! Definitely a yucky! He moved way fast across my boy.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the hikes my husband used to take me on when we were younger. It was his parents back yard too up in MO. Where is this at? I love the water - it's beautiful. It must be awesome when everything's green!


Adelia said...

Ms Jenny!! I agree, it must be awesome when everthing is green. And tick heaven. haha. This is around the Buffalo River area.