Saturday, December 12, 2009

Down the Mountain...

...through the river valley, across the crop fields to Nanny and Papa's house. A couple of weekends ago, we were able to go visit my Nanny. My kids always have a great time when they see Nanny and Papa. The great time could be attributed to the fact that my grandparents are insane, nutty, just too much...I blame a lot of my little 'quirks' on my Nanny's genes. Dang, those Barker genes! That's where the crazy is, I'm telling you!

Right of passage. Riding the tractor with Papa. How many grand kids have taken countless turns on that thing? I used to ride over the tires. I would NEVER let my kids do that EVER! What's good for the goose is not always good for the gander!!

The coveted sight of seeing the can shoot off the stack.

A lap full of blondies. Talkie blondies and that.

I love the priceless looks on my Papa's face.

See crazy. No hands! {Papa let's my kids do whatever, whenever. Which is why they don't go down there by themselves. Oh, they keep asking for a week with them. No way, it already takes me months to undo the 24 hours we have with them upon occasion. Crazies}

Great, Hoot is in charge of that wagon! Fearless leader again.

Prof X retrieved Nanny, informing her that she had been outside too long and it was time for her to read to him. Bless her heart, I don't know how long she had to read to that kid.

And there's Uncle Chris. He's crazy too. But my kids love him. And that's Christy swinging my baby. She loves my baby. She's a good girl.

Football time.

My baby is going for it! Cover my baby!!

Fun, fun.

I have to tell a quick Hoot story. The evening that we arrived, the kids had been outside for a while. Lots of people going in and out. I noticed that Hoot was missing. I stepped outside into the pitch black dark and say "Hoot are you out here?" He answers back, "I'm up here!" Yes, up the tree the himself...And this is where I say, "THAT KID!!!!"

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christine said...

What a fantastic trip!! Pictures on the tractor with Papa--priceless!