Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Self-Righteous Indignation Sort of a Birthday

Our Little Hoot turned 3 a couple of weekends ago. I was so excited for his day to come. I'm unsure why I had such anticipation. There is something magical about my Little Hoot. He's either really loud or really quiet. No in between with him. I feel like in the quiet moments when his eyes twinkle, he's telling me secrets. Secrets that he tells only his momma, the apple of his eye. But truly, his Daddy is the apple of his eye, so I often pretend that I'm his girl. The one he shares his twinkles with.

Not knowing what our birth future holds, he could be our last baby. He seems so indifferent to so many things. Perhaps that is why I was so excited for him. I wanted his eyes to twinkle and say Momma, this is amazing, balloons, horseshoes, lassos. All this for me. And if I am your last baby, please know that I so enjoy this, your last boy turning 3 for the last time.

No, that is not what he communicated to me. He had an air of self-righteous indignation when awakened and I bid him happy birthday. With an offensive tone, No, it's not my birthday! Me: Hoot, it is your birthday and your are 3. Hoot: NO! I'm not 3. I'm Hoot! Me: Yes, you are Hoot, and you are 3. Hoot: cries... I gave up. I would try throughout the day leading up to his party to carryout birthday wishes only to get the same responses.

Quirky picture. {let's be realistic, this is as good as as it gets}
This is where things started to click for him. Actually it was the balloons. We had to drag him away to make him sit for presents. The two older brothers decorated his package. T-Bird even drew on cowboy hats. Very thoughtful.

And this is the magic moment. He exclaimed, My cowboy, my cowboy, it's my cowboy! Because he just received a lasso. And then he didn't want to open anymore presents.

Telling us about his cowboy.

I love Brett's expression in the background. He was cracking up because Hoot was whirling his lasso and making crazy whirling lasso noises.

We got this for him to lounge on, but he insisted on riding it. So funny, and I felt slightly awful because it doesn't stand up. He has named him Spirit. Which is better that his other horses' names that are all named Horse.

And this was the twinkle moment that Momma had been waiting for. He was singing Happy Birthday to himself! And very pleased to do so!!

The indifference was gone and he had accepted the special day that it was!

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Charlie said...

Happy Birthday little one.

Adelia said...

Thank you, Ms Charlie!! And Merry Christmas to you!!!

Shan said...

What a gorgeous little toe head! I love the contrast of his red lips and eyes with that bright blonde hair! Happy Birthday little one!

I've never seen horses trudging through icing before. Heehee