Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Due Date Conversations

Professor X: Ten days until the baby gets here!

Me: Um, you want the baby to be born on Christmas?

Prof: Yep. {with a radiant smile} Oh, wait! She doesn't have a snow dress though does she? No, she shouldn't come on Christmas.

I'm a little startled by his big thoughts sometimes. And I wonder if he thinks she is supposed to look like a little Sugar Plum Fairy when she gets here. That boy and his fancy thoughts!

I'm also a little startled that he wants me to keep her in another ten days. Which is entirely safe, but still---ten days?????!!!!!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Strange Things

One of the terrible and wonderful things about Arkansas weather is that if you don't like the weather today, just hang around it will change. Yes, 20 degrees one day then 50 the next.

A couple of weeks ago I ventured out with the boys. I was feeling a little couped up and the boys hadn't enjoyed pieces of our small town in some time.

We have a lovely little downtown and our parks are quite nice. We have a skate park with volleyball courts next to them. Those volleyball courts are a gold mine...I mean, they are dandy for kids with all that fine, precious sand. Hours of entertainment.

I love the many quirky, squishy faces of this kid.

Who knew filling a hat with sand over and over again would or could be so thrilling??

Can you hear the quiet? Nice!

The skate park is indispensable for running up and down and up and down and...

Okay, here are my examples of my strange things.

Brett took the two youngest with him to his mom's recently. T-Bird stayed behind with me. I was getting ready to steam clean the carpets when I noticed T walked back to his room with a washable marker. Then my brain kicked in, he had just said moments before that he needed something to do. Ack! Warning!

Too late. By the time I inspected, this is what I found.

"Mr. Perfecto" with accent and all.

Nice glasses and fancy/curly mustache.

Then I noticed this thing one day while I finished up school work with T-Bird and the Professor.

Really??? Is that the best use of paper towels?! {But at least he was being quiet during school hours.}

He's verrrry strange. And I love him verrrry much.

I love all my strange things very much. {and for whatever reason, the Professor didn't have any recent examples of strangeness. I guess he's saving it up for a special day...}

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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Best Baby Belly Rubber in the World

Well, that is right up there with "rubber baby buggy bumpers" now isn't it?

There are some things that I just don't want to forget. Right now, I don't ever want to forget this:
This child has such a tender heart toward the baby. He's rubbed my belly since the first hint of roundness. His morning rhythm begins with cuddling up to me and getting his rubbing motor revving. He also walks me to the truck--as in, he places his hands on my back and belly and "carries" my belly to the truck. Okay, my eyes are a little watery now. He's just sooooooooo sweet sometimes.

I know this is an important way he shows love. The Professor responds well to touch therapy. I accidentally discovered this when he was a baby. He was so creamy and white as though he had been freshly laundered and sent down from Heaven. His little cheeks were so soft and I would rub his cheek when he nursed or went down for a nap. One of the initial phrases he used was "rubba cheek." I still rubba cheek for him. And he rubba belly for me.

Let's not forget his sweet whisperings to her:
I wonder when your birthday will be?
I wonder if you will like sugar like me?
You know you're going to come out one day...I don't know when, but one day...

Oh my! My heart can hardly handle this!!

And then Little Hoot had to get in on the action.
He's a little impish don't you think?

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Firsts and Lasts

Has anyone else noticed that I'm pregnant? Or is it just me?

Seriously, my emotions have seemed to calm and focus. My heart keeps swelling and swelling and swelling...

She will be here soon. Our lives will once again change for the beautiful better.

My thoughts keep coming back to the fact that this is one of the few instances that I get to truly assist the Lord in a miracle. I mean, God didn't make humans reproduce by external eggs and hatchings like the some of the animal kingdom. I get to participate in bringing this life to the world. It's amazing. {with that in mind, I pray that those who desire to become mothers have their desires met}

So, we are in the season of firsts and lasts.

We were blessed back in October to have our very first ever Blessing Baby Shower.

Families came out just to celebrate our family. It was a blustery evening but super fun.

I'm prego with this lady. Due just two days apart!

Such a neat idea. Blessings were placed on the tree by friends for our family. I have them and they are ready to keep me focused during labor.

And then I recently had my first ever PINK Baby Shower.
I have to tell you that it seemed very strange. To me, blue means baby. A sea of pink was exciting but slightly disorientating. Just not used to it yet.

I also had my first ever diaper cake! Yes, 8 baby showers in my baby/birthing life and my first diaper cake! That was fun!
This is my wonderful friend Kim who has known me the longest of all my NWA friends {well, of the ones who still live in NWA}. I met her when I was prego with T-Bird. She's been through all the babies with me, and heard my heart's woes about not having a girl. Now here we are, celebrating the first girl and last baby of my life! So, so sweet to me.

Oh, and I also was given my first ever corsage! Yeee! I don't know why, but I was super excited about that too.
Ya, right?! I'll show you a baby belly! Haha! This is my friend who is pregnant with her first baby! I'm so thrilled for her for the obvious reasons, but also because she is looking forward to this pregnancy whatever it brings and being a Momma! I mean like reeeeeeeaaaalllllyyyy excited to go through this process and enjoy it! She's a super fun gal.
Hiking up and adjusting maternity pants.
T holds up his 'pinky' to represent for the girl. {what a nut!}

My kids are nutty!!!

Hoot is exceptionally proud of his baby.

Yum, in love with sugar...and the Dr Pepper is NOT his!

I'm so in love with this guy. Even though he harassed me last night. I asked if he was just trying to agitate me to send me into labor. He looked at me with a bit of ornery and said, All I know is that if I were pregnant, I know I could go into labor. Oooooh, Buddy, you're in trouble. Brett knows that's how you get me to do anything...I'm a little too competitive. That's when we both laughed and I punched him in the side like a good wife would. Brett is really looking forward to the baby's arrival! He's kind of great like that.

As good as a family picture gets. Nice chicken dance, T! Sheesh!
So, there they are firsts and lasts. My last baby showers of my baby birthing life. What a sweet end.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

He's Amazing!

You can imagine my surprise when I found out that I was pregnant with Hoot while the Professor was only 7 months old!!! Yes, quite surprised and a little weary that I could care for two babies at once. Well, as Hoot just celebrated his 4th birthday I have received my answer. I guess I can and did care for two babies at once--and they survived.

Hoot has not let a day pass without surprising us. With his antics and hilarity, I have ceased asking why? and simply ask why not?! It makes more sense. Why wouldn't he climb over the fence to the rodeo arena...Why wouldn't he drop his drawers and water the flowers in front of company...or at the lake...or the park...The question should be WHY NOT?

OH! This picture does me in. LOVE. SWOON. Yes, you nut, I love you!

Happy 4th Birthday, my dear!

Hoot is a Cowboy at heart. This set has provided countless hours of fun for all of the boys! Yesss!


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