Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Good Report

{starts off wordy and then regains its composure--hang in there}

1. Hoot is potty trained. I thought he was going to be the mythical 18 yr old wearing a diaper despite Pam K's insistence otherwise.

2. Hoot is potty trained. {It deserved a double hoorah}

3. I am blessed.

My bday dinner was nice and very interesting because my entourage consisted of ladies that are not all intimately connected. Usually, I roll with the group I have proclaimed as my 'usual suspects.' It was fun to shake things up a bit. I appreciate these ladies for taking time out of their Christmas week for little ol' me.
What makes this evening pictured above wonderful was the after midnight conversation that a smaller group of us shared together. I got to know a couple of ladies deeper, but something amazing happened for me. Through our 'light hearted' conversation, I realized my biggest challenge--ever--is that I have absolutely NO self-worth. I expect my sky to fall and know that that is just the way it goes, that's what I deserve. BUT, that is soooooo untrue. And I know that--for you--but have the hardest time accepting it for myself. I've been doing this 40 days of yoga thing and in the beginning we had to write down who we were. After the long list of typical "I am's", I wrote, I am an encourager for others and a discourager for myself. I love to judge myself to 'lighten God's load', you know? Sorry to make this suddenly serious, but I have to say thank you to the ladies who were involved in the conversation. Since then I have been actively battling my way of looking at God's love for me. It isn't daisy petal plucking. No he loves, he loves me nots. He loves me, my back story and my story to come. I am working on embracing that for myself. Here's to overcoming old thoughts and strongholds.

And thank you to the lady who chit-chatted with me until 3am. You are a blessing to me in so many, many ways.

4. These gals are too much! They kidnapped me ON my Christmas Eve birthday to take me on a little Small Town Birthday Scavenger hunt.

We popped into The Red Door Market for a bit of Muscadine Juice. Oh. My. Word. Wonderful!
{The Red Door Market is now extinct, sniff, sniff...memories of being 30}

And I had to look for an item in The Baby Habit that belonged to me. Did they know something I didn't?? Was I prego?? Oh, it's my cake. Suzanne made a cake of blue and coral with a beautiful chandelier inspired by a stampin' set that I drooled over for quite sometime. That girl knows me!! Thank you, Suzanne, for blessing me with your creativity and sugary awesomeness! And on to pick out flowers.
These girls! They had a table set up in the upstairs of one of the stores downtown. For this ridiculously old fashioned and romantic girl, it couldn't have been any more perfect.
Can't you just smell the activity of yesteryear?!
And now a song for Becky. Becky, Becky you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind. Hey, Becky. Thanks for putting so much thought into my excursion. You are amazing, friend!

5. I finally got to meet Rick, Brett's Uncle who lives in Nevada. Neal, Rick, Reese, Grandma Nell and Brett's Momma Maureen are pictured here. We were celebrating Nell's birthday. I have to admit that I have fallen in love with Clare, Rick's wife. Here's a mini-conversation between Brett and I: Brett: Do you like Clare? Me: Ya, why? Brett: She likes you. Me: She reminds me of someone. Brett: She reminds me of Barb. Me: YES!! That's it!
So, I have a Barb in the family. I'm sure that's a relief to Barb. Barb rocks!
Brett's family. Whoa!
And The Clan of grand kids. One girl...
Side note: No, that was not my smallest child one pull away from sounding the fire alarm! My baby boy is always on his best behavior and wouldn't look at his momma with a twinkle in his eyes from half a building away. No, no. I wouldn't have to yell, jump over chairs and grab him away. That is absurd. And no, that event wouldn't have been followed by uproarious laughter by all who witnessed it. {sigh}

6. Music you can dance to.

7. Masterpiece Theater.

8. Cookie dough. {Yep, I said it. Cookie dough.}

9. Second chances.

10. The fact that I have readers, despite my grammatical and typographical errors. Good for you and thank you!
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Suzanne said...

You are a blessing!

christine said...

Oh, my dear Adelia!! I am SO GLAD God is beginning to teach you how wonderfully you are made and valuable you are!! YOU are the blessing to all of us! I am so glad that you have friends like Suzanne and Becky, who have wisdom and wit and love you so much!! Thank you for the sweet talks, your wisdom and insight always leave me coming away pondering deep things. I am so thankful for you!