Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Don't Get It--I Usually Don't Anyway

If dreams can be interpreted, then what does last night's dream mean?? The dream in question started with me taking my mom to UAMS for surgery, then I had a small surgery done followed by my Nanny who also joined in as a surgery recipient. Our nurse, Marie, informed us that we would not be able to drive ourselves home after all. I had to call Brett to come and get us--which meant that he would also get lost in Little Rock. Somehow, we found a ride home with a pizza delivery guy driving a moss green 80's model something of a car. My place to ride was on the hood of his car. My 'safe' seat found me clinging to the corners of the hood, smashed against the windshield, looking straight ahead while crying for the driver doing 80 in a 40 to stop. He found his pizza destination, totally ignored our existence, took out the pizzas, dropped one in a puddle of mud, picked it up and delivered it anyway. Thankfully, Brett arrived on the scene about this time. And off we went.

Hmm, where to start with that one?! All I have to say is, Man, I'm deep.
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Charlie said...

You are very deep. Dreams are always weird. I like that your husband did come through for you in the end. Is there something you and the women in your family need to cut out? What is the meaning of pizza?

Suzanne said...

maybe you were just hungry. :)

christine said...

Wow. I can't believe you remember all those details! I think it just means that you really like pizza....and that maybe it will give you gallstones someday....and that you shouldn't ever accept rides from drivers in moss green cars. :) So... I'm back in blogging world again, so had to go back and comment on some of your previous posts. Love you!!