Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Castles and Ice Knights

For Arkansans, we have had a pretty winter. Most Arkansans are fed up of the winter in general, I have to admit. We live in Arkansas where the saying goes, If you don't like the weather, stick around a week because it's bound to change. However, we have had consistently cold days and nights with several snow days. It's been enjoyable and entertaining.

Let me share some of the entertainment.
T-Bird wanted to make a castle:

That's a cannon at the top of the tower. Sneaky.

Out came the Lego's and dragons.

You can't have a snow castle without the self-dubbed Ice Knights.

Oh no! Carnage!
He's flinching...not sure how far his acting career will go...
Oh boys!

For the Family Record Book:

And we all know that this kid makes me nutty. But nuttiness aside, he is absolutely wonderful! Just see his wonderfulness!
And I love how he just wanders away.
And comes back again.

He did this over and over with a few falls, giggles and get up agains.
And how could we talk about snow without covering a good snow dog brawl?
My doggies L-O-V-E the cold weather and snow. Labs. Their escapades are amusing to watch.

Dog down, dog down.
Hoot was missing from a lot of our snow fun. Bless his heart. We are still praying for restoration of his lining of the lungs. He did get to go outside for his first snow romp, but we had to pay the consequences of that. Breathing treatments and a near bursting eardrum. If you feel led to do so, could you pray with us in agreement for a healing and restoration in him, as if that stupid RSV never hit him or existed?

T's homage to his baby brother. Our Hoot of a Snowman. Hoot was so excited to see this and clapped for T-Bird saying, "Yea T, you did it. You made a snowman for me!" Melted this momma's heart.

On his horse with a crazy, racing, snow happy dog in the background.
And to illustrate the first paragraph of this post, allow me to show you the first of January. Yes, my boys were outside in short sleeves and quite possible shoeless. Yes, Hoot's face is dirty. No, I have few pictures without a dirty face on Hoot. I think his face attracts dirt so easily because it's such a beautiful, fair canvas. Yes, that's it.
Okay, so remember, stick around and it will change.
Tah-Dah! Presto-change-o! Voila! There you have it!
While it has been a beautiful winter, I find myself looking forward to a bit of green and more days outside. I guess it's the normal spring itch you start feeling in February, but I think we Arkansans have been blessed this year.

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Charlie said...

I enjoyed some of the snow. Alyssa is hoping the cold weather will kill off some bugs for the summer. My feet are cold and I am ready for some warm, sunny days.
I loved all the pictures of your fun snow days. I hope your little one is completely recovered soon.

Adelia said...

I'm hoping that we'll have less ticks, at least. I'll root with Alyssa! As always, thank you, Charlie!!

Can't wait to see you randomly as the weather warms. ;-D

Suzanne said...

I love that you add so many great photos. The last one looking down the road is just beautiful and peaceful!

christine said...

Oh my!! The snowman for Hoot is just priceless! And the pics of him in his little blue hat just melt my heart!