Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Doesn't Grow Weary

Last week found me urging and hoping for Spring to spring. Oh, how the tell-tell signs seem to bring such life and anticipation. The greens and pinks just seem to jump out of the muted winter forest colors. Yes, I squeal with delight at seeing blooms and those teeny-tiny flowers that just seem microscopic in my yard.
And then this happens.
First day of Spring 2010.

So, instead of thinking of blooms and buds, you are forced to build a glacier pass with lots of tunnels and excitement. Um, these pics are not really great for showing the ins and outs, but T-Bird used his imagination and made greatness happen.
Each entrance was guarded well.
And the dogs needed and snow house with an emergency exit in the back.

Snow ice cream was on the menu. Oh, how the Professor wanted to like it. Especially, since he saw his beautiful love--Sugar--poured directly into the snow. "Maybe I'll like it tomorrow was his one and only statement." Here's to 'tomorrow'.
To try to make it better, Hoot and the Prof added chocolate syrup...gag.

The weather made me think of the symbolism of it and my life...or our lives. Isn't it true that just when you think you are doing well something comes along to squash our blooms. Success is only achieved by going through the setback and failures. Do I truly believe Spring will give up? Or will she arrive in her usual high fashion?
In my well-doing, do I grow weary and give up or do I forget what is behind and strain toward the things ahead?
I know what Spring is going to do.

She's going to follow up that snow non-sense with beautiful days for play dates and discovery.

And sometimes, the beauty of a day confuses you....and you start walking around holding cups on your head.
I don't know why this was so funny to me, but it was. And I loved laughing at it/him.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Many Faces of Hoot

Sometimes he is just strange. {one of my all time favorite faces, I call it the scrunchy face} This face is used when thinking, sniffing, and wandering in his imagination. This moment reflects both sniffing and wandering.
And here is the blank stare. This is used to completely ignore his Momma while pretending to be focused in the general direction of Momma's face. It's a cute one.

Brace yourself, here is the Creepy McCreeperton face. The name gives away the intent and action. He just creeps me out with this one.
I suggest using this post as a guide when interacting and communicating with Hoot. It's a great aid in dealing with my little strange baby boy. Okay, he's not a baby...Yes, he is...He's my baby, by crackies.
Anyway, focus on the facial expressions and use it well. Peace and good luck.

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