Monday, March 22, 2010

The Many Faces of Hoot

Sometimes he is just strange. {one of my all time favorite faces, I call it the scrunchy face} This face is used when thinking, sniffing, and wandering in his imagination. This moment reflects both sniffing and wandering.
And here is the blank stare. This is used to completely ignore his Momma while pretending to be focused in the general direction of Momma's face. It's a cute one.

Brace yourself, here is the Creepy McCreeperton face. The name gives away the intent and action. He just creeps me out with this one.
I suggest using this post as a guide when interacting and communicating with Hoot. It's a great aid in dealing with my little strange baby boy. Okay, he's not a baby...Yes, he is...He's my baby, by crackies.
Anyway, focus on the facial expressions and use it well. Peace and good luck.

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