Friday, April 30, 2010

The Tales of a Hoot

Okay, just so you know, I've been struggling with the awesomeness of 1st trimester baby incubating symptoms. I think they are magnified by the simple fact that I have three other little beings that need me. So, for now I'm feeling a little better and have decided to post. Yay! A post!!

If you are in my world, you know that my Little Hoot is just that, a hoot, a riot, unpredictable, his own man...The list goes on and on. Let's take a look at his craziness. I happened to look out from the patio doors and noticed a scantily clad, rocket pack wearing little boy just traveling from here to there and back again. I could faintly hear the sound of a jet pack. After picking up my camera, I followed him on a bit of his journey. He seemed mostly undaunted by my presence.

Let's ask ourselves why he would wander the yard in only his underwear and rocket pack. Well...

That's right, the answer is Why Not!

Let's look further into his style.
Oh ya, this kid has got some style!

Yes, he organizes and chooses his own wardrobe. Style indeed.

Something about Hoot that you may not know is that he has always looked up. Two of his first words were sun and moon. He just loves the activity in the sky. We have ALWAYS had to stop him from staring directly into the sun!! Geez, kid!

He loves to swing, especially by himself on the teeter totter. Is that what it's called?? Hmm, it's been a while since I used such language. Anyway, he sits and swings for the longest of times while looking up. I'm slightly afraid that he is going to zoom away into the sky one day. I might also add that it is just so peace inducing to sit and watch him swing. That's normal swing, but Hoot isn't normal...So, he takes it to a whole other level:
Ya, he goes horizontal and pushes it to the limit.
Here's a little snippet of his hours of swinging.
And now for a tale or two.
The boys are part of a botany class one day a week. We truly enjoy our time in the class. It might have to do with the fact that it's comprised of eight boys! Perfect!

This week we just had a free day since one group in our class was coming for their last day this semester. The boys were free ranging it. The moms and I were visiting inside the house when two of the six burst in exclaiming that Hoot had fallen head first into poison ivy. The moms and I start to the door and then see a group of 5 boys carrying my smallest child horizontally up from the woods. Yes, they were carrying him for hand to foot because my little thespian was playing his part well. He had his little eyes shut and was completely limp as if unconscious. Of course, it was that kid. Oh, that boy.
I wish the rest of the world could have seen that sight! It was just so comical! You could see in the boys that they have that no man left behind mentality. Just priceless and precious.
And Hoot is well and not infected. I didn't figure he would break out. None of us have reactions to poison ivy except for my dear husband.

Now for the last tale. Yesterday, the Kelly family watched our boys while we went to our midwife appointment. When we picked up the boys, you could just tell that Papa Kelly was about to spill something about the events that transpired while they were there. I was bracing myself. Think one of two things...Hoot and who knows what...or Professor X and a meltdown.
Unsurprisingly, it was a Hoot story.

Papa Kelly said goodbye to Mama Kelly because she had an appointment. The kids had been sipping on Capri Suns when the goodbye transpired. Even Little Hoot was there. And when Papa Kelly turned around, Little Hoot was not there...
No, Little Hoot had discovered something wonderful. Sand. Don't you just love to run your toes through sand?? We do. And apparently Hoot does even if its kitty litter sand!!!!!!!


Kitty Litter?!!?!?

Brett and I just lost it to laughter.

Papa Kelly let us know that he scooped him up and washed his feet. I think Papa Kelly thought we would be slightly upset...But no, we're not....Because that's what you get when you have a Hoot as a child.

It's fun and never ever ever dull.
Hoot rocked our world when he entered our lives. I have to say, he's continued to rock our world and I wouldn't have it any other way. He is that kid!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lost in the Valley

First of all (and maybe this should have been the end, but I like it so much I'm making it the beginning), I finally got a decent shot of Brett and I. It's been a while since we've had a good couple shot. I happen to love it. Usually, the pictures of us are me looking way too eager and Brett looking a little ticky. {speaking of ticks, I brought one home as a souvenir--ick!!} Back to Brett. His face often says, this is the fifteenth picture she has taken in the same spot--oh, you know how much I love taking pictures--but I do love my wife, so I'll act like I'm up for it. You are not fooling anyone, buddy!

Okay, now we'll officially start.

For some reason, this never gets old. We pull over every time we see them. They are free roaming elk, yet they are more like zoo animals. These 'beasts' are so used to a line of cars pulling over with people getting out and plopping down on the side of the road clicking their cameras. Present company included.

You just can't stop watching grass...because it is so thrilling.

Anyway, we spent some time near Brett's mom and dad's. We enjoyed a trail about 20 minutes or so from their house.

This is where I confess yet another quirk about me. Apparently, I get motion sickness not just in a plane, not just in a car, not just on an amusement park ride, but also while hiking. Ugh. I think in this case it was the looming bluff over us, while looking down to make sure my kids were still where they needed to be as we were also going up.

That's a lot going on. This gal couldn't take it. Bleh.

Me: Brett, do you feel dizzy.
Brett: No.
Me (two minutes later): Hey, Brett, are you feeling queasy in your tummy.
Brett: No.
Me: Brett, I think I'm motion sick.
Brett: (silence)
He's used to me being a weirdo. He just keeps on leading the way. He knows I'll pull our train over if we need to.
Here are Brett and the boys, not feeling the effects of motion sickness. They are like mountain goats. I'm like.....well.....not a mountain goat.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Little Secret

Probably the most dominating personal/earthly desire I have and have had is to loose weight. Most of you small town gals know my story. I'll not go into the details, but will say that after I had my first child it came to light that I had 3 crushed vertebrae. My body had grown accustomed to the injury and had a little defense around it. However, your body releases relaxin when it goes into labor. About a week after that first baby delivery, I woke up, couldn't move my legs but could feel extreme pain. The relaxin had loosened my defense system. Longer story shorter, I gained around 50 pounds in a year. Lots of pain and sadness followed. I couldn't even lift my then infant T-Bird. I couldn't run. I just couldn't. But I learned to deal with it.

Two years later, we had Professor X and 17 months later, we had our surprise baby, Hoot. These pregnancies didn't make the weight vanish, just so you know. I have worked so hard these past years to equip my back to be stronger. Chiropractic care, rehab therapy, pilates, yoga, walking {which hurts more than I like. Bah! Walking!} But I do it. I was told the likelihood of bending, twisting, jumping would be actually be highly unlikely.

But God doesn't know details and schmetails of can't, and unlikely's. I feel like my efforts have been honored. While I'm not even a size 8, I am stronger than I've ever been. And I can do a backbend. Haha, take that, you silly back!

And we've figured out that I produce too much estrogen. Lots of symptoms led me to the Doc's office to figure out that little bit of information. One of the most interesting symptoms came about last summer and fall in the form of a sweat-a-poolza. Embarrassing. Ladies don't sweat, they glow. I must have been neon! So, now I'm on a natural progesterone cream and mostly organic diet.

The good news is that in the last year and a half I've lost 33 pounds. Woo-hoo. Sometimes I don't feel as if I've lost anything. But if I stop and think about it, I have made great progress. Maybe I haven't done it as quickly as others, but I am doing it. My goal is to drop another 20 pounds. No big deal.

But here is my secret. I have not had any pasta since August of last year. My dear husband took me out on a hot date this weekend to one of my favorite restaurants, and I have to admit that I didn't order a salad....No, I ordered pasta!! {MMmmmm, mmmm} And I liked it. And I didn't feel guilty...And it was a nice treat. Alas, pasta doesn't go back on my menu. But once again, I ordered pasta and I liked it.

Whew, I feel better about getting that off my chest.

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