Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lost in the Valley

First of all (and maybe this should have been the end, but I like it so much I'm making it the beginning), I finally got a decent shot of Brett and I. It's been a while since we've had a good couple shot. I happen to love it. Usually, the pictures of us are me looking way too eager and Brett looking a little ticky. {speaking of ticks, I brought one home as a souvenir--ick!!} Back to Brett. His face often says, this is the fifteenth picture she has taken in the same spot--oh, you know how much I love taking pictures--but I do love my wife, so I'll act like I'm up for it. You are not fooling anyone, buddy!

Okay, now we'll officially start.

For some reason, this never gets old. We pull over every time we see them. They are free roaming elk, yet they are more like zoo animals. These 'beasts' are so used to a line of cars pulling over with people getting out and plopping down on the side of the road clicking their cameras. Present company included.

You just can't stop watching them...eat grass...because it is so thrilling.

Anyway, we spent some time near Brett's mom and dad's. We enjoyed a trail about 20 minutes or so from their house.

This is where I confess yet another quirk about me. Apparently, I get motion sickness not just in a plane, not just in a car, not just on an amusement park ride, but also while hiking. Ugh. I think in this case it was the looming bluff over us, while looking down to make sure my kids were still where they needed to be as we were also going up.

That's a lot going on. This gal couldn't take it. Bleh.

Me: Brett, do you feel dizzy.
Brett: No.
Me (two minutes later): Hey, Brett, are you feeling queasy in your tummy.
Brett: No.
Me: Brett, I think I'm motion sick.
Brett: (silence)
He's used to me being a weirdo. He just keeps on leading the way. He knows I'll pull our train over if we need to.
Here are Brett and the boys, not feeling the effects of motion sickness. They are like mountain goats. I'm like.....well.....not a mountain goat.

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