Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Boys' Days

We finally finished with our Homeschool 2009-10 school year! Big deal in this house! Let the fun and exploration begin!

The boys fill most of their days being outdoors. Even though we live in town, we try to get them out into the thick of it as much as possible. But, hey, even your backyard is an adventure full of discovery in itself! Just yesterday we found two snails, watched the birds swoop in after the rains to gather twigs and worms, sucked on honeysuckle, and splashed in puddles, puddles and more puddles. Yes, the backyard is a wonderful place.

We were able to go fishing with Daddy last week. Oh, this Momma was still overwhelmed with morning sickness, but I had to get out of this house. I do spend a good heap of time under the shade trees during the day in the back yard. Life is just better when there is fresh air. I may be sick, but I feel worse when I'm inside. Anyway, back to fishing, I sat in my chair with my sun hat on and tried to read some Jane Austen. I didn't get much reading in because the boys needed help casting.

First location didn't works so good.
Off to another area.
I love pictures like this--of the boys following their Daddy--just special to me.

I stopped to love the clover.

Because I'm silly like that.

Setting up fishing camp.

Cheesy McCheeserton

T-Bird has become quite the angler. And he's not afraid to put color in his wardrobe. Nice tie dye shirt with a tropical orange short. Nice.

All that fishing makes a guy hungry.
I happen to be in love with the way this kid snacks. He totally gets into that relaxation place. Nothing exists except him and his food. Brett and I often share a laugh about this.

What else is a big hill made for other than rolling down it!
Altogether it was a good time. We only caught one fish, but I think the big accomplishment was just in the fact that the boys were *mostly* still and quite. I'll now do a big, big celebration dance!!

{Side note: Notice the hair styles in the above pictures. Geez Louise, just a little unkempt. They look like stereotypical homeschool kids, don't they. Ya, I guess, we are THAT family. Hahaha}

{Notice in the following pictures, as their Daddy says, their ears have been lowered. Aka, they got haircuts over the weekend}

This week we journeyed downtown to the Farmer's Market. The boys had a great time.


Feeding the ducks.

A dandelion for you, Momma!
And after shaking it around, little dandelion fluff flew back at him. That's the hazard that comes with dandelions. Just beware.

Just a glimpse into their days. We're looking forward to making the most out of our summer vacation!!!!

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Trish said...

We love clover at our house too... It's the bees' favorite flower! So, even when it's a foot high Roger won't mow because it's still blooming and the bees love it...

Adelia said...

Trish, my kids are a little bee obsessed right now. We just did a section in botany on pollinators. It's helped the boys get over their fear of bees and now they love them!!

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