Friday, May 21, 2010

Embracing Technology

Did you know that I'm hesitant to embrace technology? Right now, just the thought of a Kindle sends me into convulsions. I can't even think about reading a book without first sniffing it! The smell of the pages is half the enjoyment of reading!

Let's see. What else? Oh, sure. Texting and smart phones. I just don't do it if it don't have to. Let me embarrass myself and tell you something I uttered about a month ago. Brett and I were talking about getting one of those new fangled phones. I looked at Brett, and honest to goodness, I said, "Ya, I'll get a blueberry." Brett laughed in my face. He never hides his delight in my less than stellar moments. "Uh, honey, I think you mean Blackberry." Well, you say to-may-toe I say to-mah-toe.

Hmm, more techie stuff...Oh, MP3 players. We have a knock off--not an iPod. I like it. I gave it to Brett as a gift so he can listen to good stuff while working. I'd like to have one for each of my kids for travel. They love to listen to their music on Daddy's music machine.

Rechargeable batteries--ya, I've embraced those.

I also embraced digital cameras. Which I now do not totally enjoy. The reason is in the hard tech side of it. All of these pictures on hard drives and memory cards, not printed out. It's just so easy to take thousands of pictures and not have them developed, er, printed. I've instituted a plan of action to alleviate these digital woes of mine. Slowly, but surely I'm processing them.

GPS--My mom and I gave one as a gift to Brett for Christmas. He doesn't use it or like it, generally speaking. He likes it when I have to use it to navigate my way through our homeschooling world. With out activities, trips, and adventures, he likes to know that I'm not reading a map and driving at the same time. And the fact that it locates the nearest police station is reassuring to him. What does he think I do with our kids?! Oh well, I like his over protection. Makes me feel loved.

And the last piece of technology I'd like to mention is very dear to me. Well, it's been dear to me since Monday. I wish I had not rebuffed this device for so long. And that my friends is the spinning toothbrush. Yes, that 'baaaaaaaaahhhhh' you hear is a chorus of angels singing at the greatness of the spinning toothbrush. My teeth are ever so happy. Since I'm overcoming morning sickness, this doo-dad has helped improve my hygiene. I can do a 30 second brush, get a good clean and miss the gag reflex. Pretty sweet set up there!

I'll let you know when and if I ever get a Blueberry....

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Jenny said...

Adelia this is so funny. I love the blueberry!

I'm with you on some things - we don't even have cell phones. Not even my 17 yr old driver who goes all over northwest AR at night.

Charlie got me a PC for Christmas. It's already a dated thing but I couldn't find a refill for my Dayplanner last fall. I read books on my PC & really like it. I can carry a whole library on vacation.

I must say too that we've been lost more by following friends with their GPS than we ever did using an atlas.

I still read your blog though I don't comment much. I love hearing all the funny things your boys say.

rock said...

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