Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Keepin' It Real

Here is a little story about how quickly pride gets squashed. A couple of weeks ago, I was edified and praised in Barnes & Noble by a public school teacher for being a homeschool momma. I tell you what, it put some wind in my sails. With beautiful words like, "you are doing an amazing job" and "raising straight arrows in a crazy world", how could I not feel as though my toes were leaving the ground?

It's so wonderful to be lifted up by someone with stature and credibility.

And then days like Tuesday, May 4th around 3 pm happen. I just needed to go to the post office to get something to my Uncle quickly. Hence the actual NEED to step into the post office. Problem 1, Professor X cannot wear shoes because he sloshed around in rain boots without socks when we were on tornado detail Sunday. He has the biggest, nastiest blisters from his water frolic. {My kids don't understand that rain boots are not containers for water, you are supposed to let them keep your toesies dry!} Which led to Problem 2, I had to carry the Professor everywhere.

In turn that leads to Problem 3, the one where the Professor asks nicely to sit on the middle counter while I take care of business. As I make small talk with the post office lady, it finally dawns on me that I am hearing an uproarious party in the background. I turn and see the Professor running up and down the middle counter while being cheered on by Hoot! Hoot's always ready for a good time with a dose of danger. Of course, Mr Straight Laced T-Bird is trying to kill the party. Oh, dear. These are the moments in my life where I want to shrink down tiny as a bug and disappear.

NO, I do not {strive very much not to} allow them to behave like that.

YES, they can smell weakness. Guess I was having a weak moment.

Problem 3 is followed up by Problem 4. The one where I went to the grocery store after the post office adventure. You know the one where Hoot took his sandal off and threw it across the produce section.

Oh ya! My kids are straight arrows. And I'm an awesome mom. We are also REAL...and have off days. If every day were like this.....Well, I don't want to even think it....

However, I'm trying to remember to keep my pride in check. Thankfully, the boys keep it real.
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Karyn said...

It's nice to hear "real". :-)

Never, prior to children, could I have imagined the humiliation I have felt at Walmart and the Post Office. Oh my. And, like you, I only go there when I HAVE to.

christine said...

Oh. My. Goodnesss. I am laughing so hard I have tears running down my cheeks. Just the mental picture of Prof running down the counter makes me giggle all over again.

You are raising straight arrows. But even straight arrows have to be aimed--you have many years before they have to reach that target of happy, well-adjusted adult. :)