Monday, May 3, 2010

Twister Tale Part 2

Woo-wee. Well, we did head down south to help with the tornado clean up. Let me just say again and again, God is so great and we thank Him for protection. Two things that are obvious blessings: One, that my uncle was NOT home when the tornado hit. Two, that the family who lived just down the way had left 30 minutes before it hit. (and they just moved in two weeks ago)

Here is their mean lack of home.
Completely gone.
But the beautiful thing about it is, as we walked by you could hear laughter coming from the group gathered in the driveway. Just like at Uncle William's place. Laughter. How beautiful!
Back to Uncle William's.
This is looking toward the completely destroyed house. Obviously the tornado didn't completely touch down on my Uncle's or it would have been destroyed as well. I guess it was just coming in for a landing. But all this once wooded area will be a field now.
My childhood playground.
My kids kept trying to swim in these 3+ feet pools under up rooted trees. Geez Louise! Gimme a break kids! I ended up loosing one of my legs to a plummet inside a pool. I was trying to fish out a kid when I lost my foot and in I went. Story of my life...
Guess the power is out.
The entrance to my road.

I don't have pictures from the first day. My Aunt has some pictures of it, and they were startling. There were five trees on top of his house!
But amazingly, most of the structure is there. And there has been lots of hands rally around to help. On Saturday there were six chain saws going at once. Someone brought out equipment to help lift the trees off the home. Thank you Lord for your Body who has a heart to serve. {PS, that shirtless guy belongs to me.} {PPS, It's HOT and HUMID in Lonoke Co}
Now to the laughter.
Jody, me, and Scott.
These are not just my cousins, but my childhood playmates. {and yes, we're a redneck family...don't disparage}
We had to do the ever popular, let's get the redheads together shot.
This is Scott. True story: when we arrived, he came up to give me a hug and honest to goodness as he stretched out his arms I jumped back and flinched. Obviously, I'm scarred for life.
Because he did stuff like this:
Chase me, pick me up and spin until I cry. Oh, puke-y...Notice my oldest son delighting in his Momma's woes. ;)

This chase also reminded me of all those Easters where he chased me down and smushed eggs into my hair. One girl and 6 boys...Ya, it was a blast. I had no choice.

T-Bird had found a worm and put it on my cousin Jody's arm. I high-tailed it out of there while trying to not gain attention. Once again, too many tortuous childhood memories came back to me. Jody armed with a worm and me in the vicinity was about to spell disaster for me.
See, I have a secret. Well, I've shared it upon occasion. My boys don't know that I have an aversion to creepy, crawly, slimy, possibly jumpy things. I pretend to be totally engrossed with whatever yucky thing we are investigating. I'll even put my hand down super close but not touching, and then suggest that one of the boys pick it up. There you go. I play it cool and they think I'm cool. It's a win win for me.

However, these cousins know the truth. I hadn't found my wisdom back then. They had already smushed a grasshopper on me and made me scream at an early age and I lost face. Then and there, they had discovered a new game. Hey, let's play Smush Grasshoppers on Adelia. We love that game! Oh, we played lots of fun games along these lines. Fun is open for interpretation in this sense.

Here are my kids and their cousins doing exactly what I did in exactly the same ditches with my own cousins. This is the way I grew up. Look at my pool and playground all in one.

He's getting tired.
He hasn't had enough.
He's nutty. {story coming up in a sec}

And the home I grew up in is completely squashed. Bizarre to look at. You can hardly see it because of all the trees on it.

My Uncle taking a break.

Aunt, Uncle, Momma.
Why are the kids looking a little alerted?
Because the news has arrived to do a piece on the situation.
He wandered down the wrong road at the wrong time. This is my cousin Warren who was selected by the committee of family elders to be the one who looked the least like the quintessential 'tornado story' teller, he was dressed mostly acceptable and didn't have too much of a drawl. I declared to all the women folk to lay low and don't say a thing. You're cleaning up after a tornado in muck, of course you're not going to look your best. I mean, I didn't want to make my reappearance to all the Central Arkansans as I looked yesterday.
Notice my little Hoot meandering about. Yes, that Hoot! Here comes a good story. As soon as Warren started his interview, Hoot moves from his above location to the water directly behind Warren. He then drops his drawers and starts peeing right there with his hiney facing the camera!!!!! I ran over to stop him, but he couldn't stop. Then pee sprayed all over me, so I stood there trying to block the insanity. I scooped him up and moved him out of the shot just as soon as he was finished.
After the interview ended, I asked the news guy if he had the camera zoomed in on Warren's face. He then cracks up and says, No, no I didn't. We got it.
Well, needless to say, they edited out Hoot's shining moment, but you know the news guy took that back to the station, showed everyone and they enjoyed a good laugh together. I wonder if that tape will resurface in a decade or so...
Like I said, story of my life...

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christine said...

HILARIOUS!!! Oh my.... that Hoot is just so fun!!

So sorry for your family's loss! What a wonderful thing to see you all band together to help...