Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Any Hand Will Do

Most days I do consider myself a great Momma. Most days. After an incident in a woman's clothing store, I'm forced to really look at my life and role as Momma.

Allow me to share the incident with you. I have been forced to reconcile the fact that this fourth baby is showing much sooner than any of my previous pregnancies. I live in Arkansas...where it is hot...where it is hot and humid! Icky. Can you feel the layer of humidity sticking to your skin? If not, you are blessed. Not only do I live in a sweltering place, but I'm afraid that my skin tone and genetic make up are not well suited for this environment. I'm a redhead, with light, light skin that is accentuated with a smattering of freckles. No, the heat of the day is not my friend. Now add that I'm carrying another human being. That has to add at least 10 degrees. Anyway, I need new clothes to get me through the layers of humidity and heat that the beautiful summer brings while my tummy also continues to grow.

So, off the boys and I went to the outdoor mall. The outdoor mall always makes me feel slightly fancy.

There I was perusing the options when I noticed that Hoot had made a new friend. He loved his new friend so much that he began holding her hand. And he would gaze up at her adoringly. Yes, this new friend was good.

She dressed in a beautiful way and carried a lovely handbag--which Hoot was forced to adore.

But this lady was his favorite.
There was something intense going on with this friend. He stood still and just basked in their friendship.

This is where I start wondering: Why does he need to hold an inanimate woman's hand? This child doesn't even want to hold my hand in the store! Does she give him something that I do not? Does he need complete quiet from me? Should I wear dresses that barely cover my rear end and carry a different handbag with each outfit? I'm his Momma! I want that hand in my hand! I want those secret glances!

Yes, I'm overcoming jealousy of a mannequin. It's difficult, but I'm putting forth great effort.

For right now I concede...for my Little Hoot...apparently any hand will do....

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