Thursday, June 17, 2010

T-Bird and the Women

We're on vacation this week. The original plan was to go to the Gulf...Hmmm...slight change of plan. We've decided to just get in our truck and toodle around our state and see the beauty that is here. So far so good.

This half of our vacation, T-Bird has made some lady friends. Let me just say that I hope that when I'm in my sixties I have as much fun as these women. A group of teachers and retired teachers--have I mentioned they were hysterical?--Well they were. Older women racing each other in laps, seeing who could hold their breath the longest under water and all kinds of games that you play when you are a kid....they were so funny.

Here they are getting in a line, so that their 'chaperon', one woman's 27 yr old daughter, could swim through their legs. Too fun! Notice T taking in the sight.

T-Bird getting ready to cannonball the gals.
And that's when they grabbed him and said, Hey get on her shoulders and wave at your momma.

He and his lady friends had a great time.

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Karyn said...

I love this post for so many reasons... :-)
Have a good trip!
Love, Karyn

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I wouldn't want to go to the gulf either. We are heading to the beach on the east coast and I'm a little concerned about that as well.

Adelia said...

Karyn, that makes me smile!

Jennifer, we thought about heading out to the east coast. We were just dreading the long trip with kiddos. I hope you have a great time!