Thursday, July 29, 2010

How Little Boys Impress Little Girls

Or should the title be Thoughts From the Third Row??

T-Bird sat in the third row with Professor X. Second row consisted of Hoot and two little girls T's age. One of the little girls just happened to be T's first Small Town friend. The first row, me and my momma, were able to catch this prideful phrase from T's mouth, Hey, watch this. I can lick my arm pit!
Girls: Ewwwww.
T: No, I can do it again, watch!
Girls: Ewww.
Me: T, stop!!
T: What?! I'm still going to do that when I get hair in my arm pits.
Me: {lots of inner thoughts--Geez, kid. }

This is not to be outdone by the preceding commentary. The kids were laughing at the Professor since he had fallen asleep in his car seat and had a bit of drool spilling out of his mouth. I told the kids to leave him alone and that they all likely drool when they are konked out as well. Which led to this:
T: I love it when I fall asleep with my mouth open, and I wake up with drool on my pillow. It's so cold and feels so good.
Girls: Ewwwww, giggle, giggle
Me: T!!!!!!!

He's not usually so disgusting. I can only write this off to trying to impress little girls. He had to throw some testosterone around. I'm disgusted and greatly humored.

Ladies, our men were all little boys once. And if they weren't licking their arm pits or enjoying the coolness and comfort of their own drool, they were doing something to impress us. And we eventually fell for it. Haha, what a fun thought.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

School's Out For Summer...

...Unless you are a Little Boy Blue and have started your 2010-11 school year. Yes, we are starting. Besides, we're spending quite a bit of time indoors with the heat warnings. Wooo-doggy, it's hot.

The boys and I try to rise early, eat breakfast and then play outside until we nearly perish from the heat and then in we go for baths, snacks and quiet time.

This year I have a pre-k, K, and 3rd grader. Oh my, where has the time gone?

My Professor X is my K this year. He is so bright and just devours learning. However, he is sometimes...what's the word...shall we say...difficult. Hmm. Yes, difficult. He has been from the beginning. Behaviorally, he's either the best or worst--no in between. I had reached my wits end this past winter when I looked at Brett and said, "Is he going to be a pain in the butt for the rest of his life??" Yes, I had a moment of weakness and said pain in the butt. The Professor was no where near our conversation, and I was expressing my frustration in mothering and training him. What a battle it has been!

That's when I believe the Lord placed just the right people in my life. I have a couple of mommy friends who listened to my concerns and prayers and suggested I look into the Professor's behaviors and habits. They each had an HSC--highly sensitive child. Not wanting to be a joiner, I started to do research before labeling my child. A couple of books later and a therapists view point we had ourselves a child with Sensory processing disorder SPD. Now that's a broad spectrum. The Professor doesn't have a full blown SPD challenge such as autism. He just needs a little help. I plan on sharing a bit more of this journey later. I just know that there are a lot of moms out there wondering what is going on with their child and have no idea that they have an HSC. This school year I hope to share how we are integrating some sensory activities and how we avoid melt downs.

Because we have an HSC, library story time has been off limits for a while now. Okay, for years. This makes my bookworm heart sad. The solution to the void in my heart came to me when I was thinking of our beautiful downtown area. We have a GREAT downtown. Did I already mention that?? I decided that we would rise early before the heat of the day, go downtown, throw out our blankets and have our own story time and activities. This way the Professor is not over stimulated but is still being stimulated. Oh, what a fine line we walk.

And you know what? It's been a success!

We read a jungle story and brought our own jungle animals for interaction with the story. Then the best part: I bought this game at a yard sale from my friend Suzanne. We call it tails. So, the boys turned into a lion, a tiger and a zebra and off they went to steal {or should I go ahead and go country and say yank} the tail off of a brother. The little circle maze of flowers was the perfect place for tail yanking. What a time they had!

T-Bird has a caught a zebra tail!

Pouncing zebra.

My Professor X with his giraffe for story time.
My pouty Hoot, who is quite ready to get the fun going.

I think the fun is finally going.

P.S. I have no idea why all of this has only a single space after each period. It's not me, it's blogger. I even went through to try to put in another space. Ugh. That's one error that is not mine. No, mine are the typos and mispellings...I love my readers who stick with it. I'm terrible at editing my own pieces. Or perhaps I just don't care to be great at it at this time. Either way, thanks for hanging in there.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Right, His Birthday Is....????

When asked for the boys birth dates I do have to take a pause and work it out. Sometimes when calling their names they get called a brother's name. It just happens. Why then does this ring in my head throughout every week of my life?

Tristesse d'Alfred de Musset

J'ai perdu ma force et ma vie,
Et mes amis et ma gaîté;
J'ai perdu jusqu'à la fierté
Qui faisat croire à mon génie.
Quan j'ai connu la Vérité,
J'ai cru que c'était une amie;
quand je l'ai comprise et sentie,
J'en étais féjà dégoûté.
Et pourtant elle est éternelle,
Et ceux qui se sont passés d'elle
Ici-bas ont tout ignoré.
Dieu parle, il faut qu'on lui réponde.
Le seul bien qui me reste au monde
Est d'avoir quelquefois pleuré.

...A poem I memorized in 11th grade for the recitation part of a foreign language competition. IT'S IN MY HEAD PERMANENTLY!

My pronunciation wasn't the best. Ugh. While being a procrastinator, I'm also very competitive and have a perfectionist side. I knew if I wanted a good showing I'd have to find a pronunciation tutor. My dear friend, Kristy, helped me both competition years. And I did well both years!

{Side note} Kristy also lent me a book in 10th grade that led to the naming of T-Bird. Kristy is special like that.

I took French and Japanese while in high school and college. 3 years of French and 4 years of Japanese. I mean, it just makes sense seeing as how I live in NW Arkansas. Why wouldn't I? It's soooo widely spoken. {seething with sarcasm} Truly, I love languages and would have loved to go on in linguistics/foreign relations. Next languages to conquer were to be Russian and Arabic. In my defense, I did take a semester of Spanish and disliked it. I could already decipher some Spanish just by taking English and French and finding the similarities.

{A bit of language trivia} The word for bread is the same in French, Japanese and Spanish--pan. Simple enough.

But my kids' arrivals...well...changed everything. Right now, all I want to do is be a Mommy...And it's a good thing. I love it and wouldn't trade it for all the lavender fields and sushi in the world.

Upon occasion my kids will ask the same question(s) repeatedly. And to be just as annoying, I'll answer them in French...repeatedly. When excited with the boys, the Japanese comes out. See, all that language instruction has proven useful.

I did get asked to translate a letter by a local government some years back. I have spoken to some Japanese travelers during Wal-Martian week. Those things make a girl feel special. But for now, I'll stick to my poem recitation and short outbursts at the boys.

And in case you wonder how that little poem should sound...

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Talk

Here are some snips from the last 17 weeks of pregnancy.

1.Professor X: If it's a boy, I'm going to name him Artie.
{X has since been fired from baby naming}

2. T: Mom, if it's twins you should put a sign around their necks with their names on them when they are born. I know someone who knows someone who mixed up their kids. And we wouldn't want to do that. {Translation: Mom, I doubt your ability to keep your children straight. You should probably hang a sign around all of our necks.} Oh and we are NOT having twins.

3. X: {in an astonished voice} I can't believe you are having a girl! Me: Oh, ya? I'm having a girl? How do you know? X: You've always wanted one and now your getting one. You just never know with these things, do you? {with a shrug of shoulders and a sweet smile}

4. T came up with a code for when I go into labor. It goes something like this: The new Jedi is coming!

5. X talks about baby often with big brother. T comes and tells me some of X's questions and comments. One of them was about gender and delivery. If the baby is a girl, Mom will have her. If the baby is a boy, Dad will have him. This made me laugh.

6. The baby's heart beat is nearly impossible to hear. The baby just swims and swims and swims. Janessa, my midwife, kindly told me that I have a fish in my uterus. It's been fun to think of what the sweet pea is doing. Just living it up in the womb! I mean, the baby has no thoughts of the outside world. There is such a purity of joy in the baby's mind and heart that has been such a blessing for me to think about.

So, where are we in our pregnancy? Well, I finally feel better. And I'm finally making good, nutritious meals as opposed to our quick and handy eating we were doing to survive.

I have felt those first flutterings. You know, the sweet conversation that is just between a momma and her baby. No one else can hear the conversation, those flutterings are just for you. I always get a little misty-eyed at those flutters.

At week 16 the baby was completely formed. Now our sweet pea will spend time just growing everything good and strong. Isn't it amazing that so much takes place those first few weeks?! Baby is about 6 3/4in long and weighs about 5 oz. Amazing!

I'm devouring pregnancy books like never before. Currently reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. A must read! And The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth. I have to keep these books put up because like all great pregnancy books, there is a bit of nakedness and birthing pictures.

And probably the biggest news of all is that I'm still trying to minimize our life. Oh, why do I have to cherish everything little thing??!! We have purged the boys toys down to just the ones they love. Now what do I do? We still have too many! I plan on having my organizational friends come over and help with the decision making in a couple of weeks. Oh, and I put one box of baby toys away for baby. I have a few baby toys that I just love. Everything else was donated. Woo-hoo!

Our ultra-sound is fast approaching. Let me just throw in reason 1,398,243 that I would like to have a girl...Calico Critters. She and I would have a blast with Calico Critters! Ya, Calico Critters...That's a nice thought to end on. Little critter families.
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