Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Talk

Here are some snips from the last 17 weeks of pregnancy.

1.Professor X: If it's a boy, I'm going to name him Artie.
{X has since been fired from baby naming}

2. T: Mom, if it's twins you should put a sign around their necks with their names on them when they are born. I know someone who knows someone who mixed up their kids. And we wouldn't want to do that. {Translation: Mom, I doubt your ability to keep your children straight. You should probably hang a sign around all of our necks.} Oh and we are NOT having twins.

3. X: {in an astonished voice} I can't believe you are having a girl! Me: Oh, ya? I'm having a girl? How do you know? X: You've always wanted one and now your getting one. You just never know with these things, do you? {with a shrug of shoulders and a sweet smile}

4. T came up with a code for when I go into labor. It goes something like this: The new Jedi is coming!

5. X talks about baby often with big brother. T comes and tells me some of X's questions and comments. One of them was about gender and delivery. If the baby is a girl, Mom will have her. If the baby is a boy, Dad will have him. This made me laugh.

6. The baby's heart beat is nearly impossible to hear. The baby just swims and swims and swims. Janessa, my midwife, kindly told me that I have a fish in my uterus. It's been fun to think of what the sweet pea is doing. Just living it up in the womb! I mean, the baby has no thoughts of the outside world. There is such a purity of joy in the baby's mind and heart that has been such a blessing for me to think about.

So, where are we in our pregnancy? Well, I finally feel better. And I'm finally making good, nutritious meals as opposed to our quick and handy eating we were doing to survive.

I have felt those first flutterings. You know, the sweet conversation that is just between a momma and her baby. No one else can hear the conversation, those flutterings are just for you. I always get a little misty-eyed at those flutters.

At week 16 the baby was completely formed. Now our sweet pea will spend time just growing everything good and strong. Isn't it amazing that so much takes place those first few weeks?! Baby is about 6 3/4in long and weighs about 5 oz. Amazing!

I'm devouring pregnancy books like never before. Currently reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. A must read! And The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth. I have to keep these books put up because like all great pregnancy books, there is a bit of nakedness and birthing pictures.

And probably the biggest news of all is that I'm still trying to minimize our life. Oh, why do I have to cherish everything little thing??!! We have purged the boys toys down to just the ones they love. Now what do I do? We still have too many! I plan on having my organizational friends come over and help with the decision making in a couple of weeks. Oh, and I put one box of baby toys away for baby. I have a few baby toys that I just love. Everything else was donated. Woo-hoo!

Our ultra-sound is fast approaching. Let me just throw in reason 1,398,243 that I would like to have a girl...Calico Critters. She and I would have a blast with Calico Critters! Ya, Calico Critters...That's a nice thought to end on. Little critter families.
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