Thursday, July 29, 2010

How Little Boys Impress Little Girls

Or should the title be Thoughts From the Third Row??

T-Bird sat in the third row with Professor X. Second row consisted of Hoot and two little girls T's age. One of the little girls just happened to be T's first Small Town friend. The first row, me and my momma, were able to catch this prideful phrase from T's mouth, Hey, watch this. I can lick my arm pit!
Girls: Ewwwww.
T: No, I can do it again, watch!
Girls: Ewww.
Me: T, stop!!
T: What?! I'm still going to do that when I get hair in my arm pits.
Me: {lots of inner thoughts--Geez, kid. }

This is not to be outdone by the preceding commentary. The kids were laughing at the Professor since he had fallen asleep in his car seat and had a bit of drool spilling out of his mouth. I told the kids to leave him alone and that they all likely drool when they are konked out as well. Which led to this:
T: I love it when I fall asleep with my mouth open, and I wake up with drool on my pillow. It's so cold and feels so good.
Girls: Ewwwww, giggle, giggle
Me: T!!!!!!!

He's not usually so disgusting. I can only write this off to trying to impress little girls. He had to throw some testosterone around. I'm disgusted and greatly humored.

Ladies, our men were all little boys once. And if they weren't licking their arm pits or enjoying the coolness and comfort of their own drool, they were doing something to impress us. And we eventually fell for it. Haha, what a fun thought.
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