Thursday, July 8, 2010

Right, His Birthday Is....????

When asked for the boys birth dates I do have to take a pause and work it out. Sometimes when calling their names they get called a brother's name. It just happens. Why then does this ring in my head throughout every week of my life?

Tristesse d'Alfred de Musset

J'ai perdu ma force et ma vie,
Et mes amis et ma gaîté;
J'ai perdu jusqu'à la fierté
Qui faisat croire à mon génie.
Quan j'ai connu la Vérité,
J'ai cru que c'était une amie;
quand je l'ai comprise et sentie,
J'en étais féjà dégoûté.
Et pourtant elle est éternelle,
Et ceux qui se sont passés d'elle
Ici-bas ont tout ignoré.
Dieu parle, il faut qu'on lui réponde.
Le seul bien qui me reste au monde
Est d'avoir quelquefois pleuré.

...A poem I memorized in 11th grade for the recitation part of a foreign language competition. IT'S IN MY HEAD PERMANENTLY!

My pronunciation wasn't the best. Ugh. While being a procrastinator, I'm also very competitive and have a perfectionist side. I knew if I wanted a good showing I'd have to find a pronunciation tutor. My dear friend, Kristy, helped me both competition years. And I did well both years!

{Side note} Kristy also lent me a book in 10th grade that led to the naming of T-Bird. Kristy is special like that.

I took French and Japanese while in high school and college. 3 years of French and 4 years of Japanese. I mean, it just makes sense seeing as how I live in NW Arkansas. Why wouldn't I? It's soooo widely spoken. {seething with sarcasm} Truly, I love languages and would have loved to go on in linguistics/foreign relations. Next languages to conquer were to be Russian and Arabic. In my defense, I did take a semester of Spanish and disliked it. I could already decipher some Spanish just by taking English and French and finding the similarities.

{A bit of language trivia} The word for bread is the same in French, Japanese and Spanish--pan. Simple enough.

But my kids' arrivals...well...changed everything. Right now, all I want to do is be a Mommy...And it's a good thing. I love it and wouldn't trade it for all the lavender fields and sushi in the world.

Upon occasion my kids will ask the same question(s) repeatedly. And to be just as annoying, I'll answer them in French...repeatedly. When excited with the boys, the Japanese comes out. See, all that language instruction has proven useful.

I did get asked to translate a letter by a local government some years back. I have spoken to some Japanese travelers during Wal-Martian week. Those things make a girl feel special. But for now, I'll stick to my poem recitation and short outbursts at the boys.

And in case you wonder how that little poem should sound...

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Suzanne said...

um... I can say hello in spanish and sign language. But here is a little tid bit for you. Pumpernickle in German means "Devil's Fart". :)

kitchen table said...

I can't speak on any language. I can only speak in English. I find your blog very interesting that is why I checked it out. I had fun staying in your blog.

Adelia said...

Suzanne, you are right. How do you like those words??!! I looked it up. The only thing that I knew about pumpernickel was that Napoleon {reportedly} ordered 'pan pour Nicole"...He ordered the bread to go to his horse. Yet another french lesson or was that history?
You never cease to crack me up!

Adelia said...

Kitchen Table, thanks for stopping by!!! It's nice to have you--in any language! :D

Becky said...

You can speak French! Chouette!Je n'avais aucune idée! Ecoute, ons devrais parler en Francais de temps en temps.
a plus