Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Homeschool Files: Winged Things

It's that magical time of year again where the smell of school supplies overwhelms the senses and puts a smile on my face. I love school supplies, office gadgets and stationary. It's an instant stress buster for me. Perhaps I love them still since I don't have to purchase supplies from a list. I get to choose what we need. This year's exotic purchases were a notebook, graph paper and a 3 ring binder. We had everything else we needed from our previous years.

Our notebook is at the ready for little hands to practice in. The graph paper helps T-Bird hone in his crazy I'll write them anywhere math problems.

Me: Show me where you worked problem 12, T.
T: Umm....Right there in the middle of the page next to number 3.
Me: Ack!
But this post is not about notebooks or anything sit down schooly. {New word alert}
Nope, this is about our first field trip of the year. Woo-hoo! And best of all, Daddy was able to join us this time!!
On National Aviation Day, we went with some fellow homeschoolers to our local air museum. It was visually stimulating to the kids, as you might imagine. Brett and I need to go back on our own just so we can read all the different accounts and such. Fascinating stuff.
Eye candy for the kids:

Me: T, would you like to be in that kind of plane?
T: YA!
Me: Great.
Yep, looks like just the kind of contraption a mother would like her son to be inside.

Okay, Brett and T-Bird definitely have similar body postures.

This is reason 1,235 that I love my husband. He has such a wealth of knowledge--a little of this and a little of that. Brett just happens to be passionate about history and military information. Handy for this day.

Funny, funny. 3 year old pilots, anyone??!

People from all over the world have come to this museum...even from this little island ever so far away. Bizarre.

Soooooooo hhhhhotttttttt!
Run to the coolness of air conditioning!

Where a good day becomes great:
Something you should know about this little family is that we often take the back way home. A slower road, lonely highway is much more appealing than the busy-ness of the thoroughfare. You should also know that our truck is equipped for outdoor greatness at any time. Tackle, fishing poles, cooler, chairs, life preservers, buckets, nets, magnifying glasses, binoculars...Which makes a pull-over on the way home all the more enjoyable.
This pull-over started with Brett asking, "Do you want to stop by the lake and let the boys throw rocks for a while?" This should be interpreted as, "Honey, I smell water and would really like to drop my hook in for a little while."
Who will move first?

Trying really hard to be still.

Hoot asked permission to "let him go." Sweet boy, he really did stand there for what seemed like forever.

Moths and butterflies were all around. It was so neat to have them encircle us and just land and hang out for moments at a time. We could see so much of their details, even a close up look at its proboscis. Which lead to a review in pollinators and the different types of pollinators for different types of flowers. Just wonderful!
What you may not see is tens and tens of butterflies and moths on the ground. We would walk through and they would just fly up all around. On the ground, they just look like rocks.

Caterpillars were all around.

Jumpy frog....

That my kid really wanted to catch....
This butterfly seemed to lead our every move. It finally landed and let me snap a picture.

What a beautiful field trip of a day!
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Trish said...

Won't it be fun to add a little princess to the mix!

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It will definitely add to the dynamic! :D