Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Writing Motherhood: Entry 1

I started a little exercise over the past year--I have been keeping Motherhood Journals. I'm not good at journaling, especially chronologically or even daily. I have beaten myself up for years because I don't record every stinkin' milestone that my kiddos have achieved. No, there is no time, date, place, smell for all of that. And then one day I realized, that's okay. I'm not that mom....I'm me. And I'm pretty good at it. My Writing Motherhood entries come from just a thought or even a picture, it may be today or 3 years ago, or perhaps it's my childhood view of motherhood. Regardless, I'm taking time to write almost daily on my time line on my thoughts. It's a good thing. I thought I'd start sharing an entry a week. Perhaps that's too structured in itself...We shall see. So, without further ado, typos, fragment sentences, in and out of tenses and all--here is a look into my Writing Motherhood. It's like reading my mind: be warned.

Sorting boxes of junk in the garage. Geez, it's hot! Why am I sorting the garage during the dog days of summer??!! Sort, sort, sort. Trash, trash, trash....What?...Treasure. How did this get out here? It's T-Bird's photo flip book of pictures from his birth. How many times have I flipped through this? I know and remember every detail of that time.

How I wanted to meet that kid! Brett and I were both so excited to meet him. We were so full of joy we even goofed around in the parking lot--maybe that wasn't joy--maybe we were and are just weird. Teasing and posing for pictures. We were going to get a baby that day! The world was about to become an amazing place.

Golly, I was tiny. I'm wearing a stinkin' medium sized regular t-shirt at 41 weeks pregnant. Oh, to go back 8 years...I'll not think of that now. Ya, I'll pull a Scarlet O'Hara, I'll think of it tomorrow.

Jack Johnson's Brushfire Fairytales playing in the background.

In that moment, we became a family.

Brett looks so handsome. I love the way he wears his watch. A watch certainly makes a man more attractive. The way he holds the baby and looks at him.
Haha, this is before he could grow full on facial hair. Now, he's a burly, hairy guy. Hahahaha, not really, but it's definitely humorous to me.

Brett just fell in love with a tiny bundle.

The nurse enters with my baby boy. "He's hungry, Momma." Without even thinking of how to do it, I held my baby to my breast and the little wolverine latched on perfectly. We did it! Truly a hungry baby. He snorted and shook his head back and forth--quite ravenous. I had to giggle.
And there I was, a nursing momma!!

Flip. Photo. Flip. Ya, I remember those days. And then the photo that cracked me up. Looked at it a hundred times, yet today it strikes me as the most intriguing. How young I was. How uncertain yet entirely certain all at once.

Except for this! How do you put clothes on a baby??!!!

Oh my! Help!!
I'm trying little baby.
Okay, this and that goes here...maybe--My you are a squiggly wiggly thing!

Okay, there! Got it! Yes, the baby is now wearing socks! I did it!!

Now to put this thing on him. Okay, but I don't want to move his head too much...and these arms keep moving....What am I going to do??? Laugh and laugh again.

Good one. Thanks for snapping that picture, Mom.

Oh, wait...Momma, can you dress my baby??

And like a good Momma/Nanna. She did. She dressed my baby in his going home outfit.

The beginning...
What a beautiful beginning.
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Trish said...

Love it....

Karyn said...

Loved reading your mind... :-)
And, you are a GREAT mom!

Anonymous said...

I love this! You've done much better than I have recording memories & I only have one child to keep up with. :)

I agree - Brett looks so cute but I think you're just as beautiful now if not more so.

Jenny - I had to post anonymous today. I couldn't get google to cooperate.