Friday, September 10, 2010

Is There an Echo In Here?

Just to illustrate Hoot's nuttiness:

We have a new neighbor. That neighbor seems to think that my house is not just a second home but his home altogether. While I want our home to be the gathering place--there are boundaries. Boundaries our dear friend doesn't yet grasp. In an effort to help him, my kids are not always allowed to play with him. Especially on whiny, no room picking up days. It's a tight ship. You should pray for my mistreated children.

I was tidying the house and could here Hoot in the background. You should know that yes, sometimes I tune my children out to a degree. I knew Hoot was yelling at his friend through a closed window. I knew that he had been doing this for a little while. Then I stopped to truly listen. Yep, he was doing it again. So desperate. Such a far off dream. He was doing his own echo.

He'll often say, Mom, I need a drink, drink, drink...{voice fading} Or cockadoodledoo, doo, doo....

Because he is a nut. Here is my nut calling to his friend. video

Notice that he ends with, he's coming...Had to head that one off.

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Jenny said...

You need to interpret for this older lady who does't have little doesn't have a little boy anymore. :( I haven't quite learned 'Hoot' yet.

I remember neighbor kids living at my house too. Oh the drama of it all. One of them even stood up to & argued with my husband when he told them they couldn't do something! He was either brave or pretty stupid.

Adelia said...

We've called Isaac, Hoot since he was an infant. He did NOT like to go to bed before midnight. You could see his big eyes in the darkness of the room. Quite alert. And then he became such a comical little character. So our Hoot Owl added "he's such a Hoot" as in hysterical. He's our Hoot. :)

Ms Jenny, I had so send his cousin home because he was being unkind and then back talking me...This is all new territory for me.

Shan said...

I love the self echo AND that HOOT! hahaha

Don't ever love the neighbor that never leaves. That can be such a sticky situation.