Monday, September 20, 2010

Seen and Heard: Sept 2010

Professor X:
Prof: Momma, can I tell the baby something?
Me: Sure.
Prof: {places his little mouth up to my belly and begins to whisper}
Me: What did you say?
Prof: I told her, you know you are going to have to come out of there someday.

We were getting ready to go out and I was helping the Professor X with his shoes. I heard him mumbling something about running fast. So I asked, When are you going to run fast? His answer, Right about the time I get these shoes on.

Here's a good example of Mr. Sunshine vs Mr. Grump.
The Professor woke up to Little Hoot saying, Good Morning, Ax {what Hoot calls the Prof}.
Prof: It's not a good morning to me. {grumpy, shmumpy tone}
Hoot: It is. See! The sun is up!
Oh the life of a sanguine vs a melancholy. Fight the good fight, Hoot!

Little Hoot:
Hoot began running his fingers through my hair. You should know that Hoot has the sweatiest little hands. This combined with my curly hair equals a maddening sensation for me. Anyway, I was letting him wrap his hands in my hair for a moment when he said, your hair is kind of like a dinosaur, right! I don't even pretend to understand this kid.

The family was just sitting around one evening when out of no where, T-Bird had a look of surprise and disappointment all at once and declared, Oh, I forgot! I was going to burn something today! Oh, shoot. I sure do wish he had remembered to burn something....NOT! Ugh. At least, he allows me to know before he attempts such greatness.

Brett was sure to point out that our baby is due in exactly 3 months. I started panicking a bit. T asked what was going on and I let him know that the baby will be here soon and I have soooooo much to do before she arrives. He threw his hands in the air and looked at me as though I had completely lost it and says, Well, you shouldn't have taken that pregnant test if you weren't ready for a baby!? Those pregnant tests...causing pregnancies...I posted that on Facebook. But I didn't post the rest of the comment. There are those that think I'm great at mothering and the following statement could cast some doubt on that. T continued with, You should have asked me, I could have told you that you weren't ready! That combined with the fact that T-Bird has memorized his brothers birthdates so that he can help check them into childcare...Oh, AND the time he doubted that I could take care of twins and was giving me pointers on how to deal with it if it happened....kinda makes me think this kid doesn't think his Momma has it all together. BUT, I think it really has to do with oldest child syndrome. I was an oldest child and kept my Momma in line. I don't know how she would have made it without me. Har har.

Anyway, I'm sure I have forgotten some of my favorite quips and quotes from this month, but my kids have shanghaied the TV and have Boz the Bear going...Seriously cannot think with Box in the background. Which means this post has come to an end.
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