Monday, October 25, 2010

Fire and Bowling

What do those two things have in common?
You think nothing.

But I say--my boys.

Speaking of unrelated things. I met a neato couple a couple of weeks ago and the husband mentioned a game they play with their family. You take two unrelated words and make a sentence out of them. The husband's example was 'placenta' and ...well, now I forgot, but it was a food item. Anyway, super fun idea. {I won't go into how those two are actually related.}

We recently were able to enjoy the first fire of fire pit season at my mom's. Professor X kept saying that he was such an awesome camper. Yep, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over an open flame makes you an awesome camper.

I just noticed that the Professor is wearing a shirt that reads awesome with an arrow pointing up. Guess it's true. And doesn't T-Bird look like he is sporting macho-thug attitude. I'm going to write that off to having a bright light flash at you in the dark of night. And of course, Hoot is not looking anywhere near where he should be. Why should that change now?

I happen to think these may be some of the most handsome fire men around.

Now to bowling. Ah, the benefits of homeschooling. If you are a homeschooler in my Small Town, you have the opportunity to bowl once a month on a Monday morning. What better way to kick off a Monday and a school week. Fun, fun, fun.

We also learned something during our bowling session. Professor X is a great bowler...accidentally. Well, maybe not accidentally. There is definitely a method to his madness. He is nothing if not thorough and methodical. Anyway, he bowled an 88. Not too shabby for a 38 lb kid.

T-Bird's score was a little low, but he was working on the correct technique. With some more practice, he'll have a high score in the near future.
He runs back like Mr Cool. Nice stride!

This thing looks so lanky! Let me give you a better view of what had been going on:


Am I the only one who thinks that kid is a funny nut!!?? Every time he bowled it went a little something like that.

Just another random glimpse into our lives and my small wonders who make me smile.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Talk: This and That and a Name

Seven weeks and a handful of days to go! My, my. Excitement is finally starting to takeover my body. I know, I know--it's about time.

So, here I sit trying to savor every moment left in this pregnancy. Haven't I told you? We are so shutting down the baby factory after this.

It's a bit unnatural for me to think of not having a baby in my womb ever again.

While I cannot wait to meet this child, I find myself hoping that the days linger. Wishing that I feel her kicks, nudges and intimate conversation in slow motion. Loving the moments when only I know that she's sleeping, hiccuping, or dancing. She's only talking to me. She's my sweet pea. Okay, now I'm starting to get a little bleary-eyed.

Ridiculous that I'll always want to have more children. But that's a door we are going to shut. Brett and I are on the same page with this decision. Such a difficult decision.

My little boys blue are absolutely precious when it concerns the baby. Professor X is my most aware and loving toward her. He snuggles her and rubs my belly. He talks to her in sweet whispers. I have to ask him to repeat what he says. Here's a bit of the chatter heard:

You know you're going to have to come out of there one day.

I wonder what day you will be born. What will your birthday be?

I wonder if your going to love sugar like me?

I can't wait to meet you. {okay, that melted my heart}

Ya, the Professor is a deep, loving fellow.

Let's switch trains and get onto the care provider track. I love my midwife. She's borderline awesome. Okay, no, she's awesome! I cannot tell you here my thousand and one reasons why I'm glad we've chosen this route {I will if you ask me in person}, but I have such a feeling of peace and trust in it.

Anyway, my boys love to be able to hold the doppler and listen to the baby. Hoot has cracked me up every time he does it. The first time to use the doppler, he held it in one hand and rested his head in the other as if doopty-doo, no big deal...done this before. And then this last time Janessa asked if he wanted to listen to the baby. He said yes and pressed his ear to my belly. Oh. So. Precious.

Then there is the appointment when my kids started raving about how fun it is to blow raspberries on my belly. Janessa loved the story and encouraged T-Bird to give it a go right then. Of course, T doesn't shy away from impulsive behavior and gave it his all followed by the other two littles................Followed midwife.....Yes, she did and we all laughed. These are the important benefits of having a midwife. You have to know what counts. :)

32 weeks. Something like 4 lbs and 17 inches or so. That's half of my babies. Yes, my kiddos were 8lbs, 8lbs 13oz, and 8lbs 10 oz. I should say that I have dreamed that she weighs 7lbs 4 oz when she is born...we'll see. I wouldn't know what to do with something so tiny.

I'm very, very tired these days. I'm praying for energy and wisdom in how I use my energy. Precious, precious energy. How I covet thee.

And without further ado, Brett has given me permission to reveal her first name.

Dutt, dutta, duh------Alaina.

So, Baby Alaina will be here sometime in December. Yeeeeee!!! Are you squealing with delight as well??

We love Alaina because it has ties to Brett's name and my name begins and ends with an A. So, she'll have a bit of Brett and I while being her own little person. We also found out a couple of weeks ago that if Brett were to have been a girl, his mother had picked out the name Alaina. Kind of makes it seem like God has his hands all over the design of my family, huh?

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Being Followed

As I was crossing our street to gather the mail from our mailbox, I had this feeling. Someone was looking at me. Someone was walking with me. Someone was with me!

I turned around and there she was. She's tallish and dark and rotund...
I don't think I've paid much attention to my pregnant shadow. For whatever reason, I noticed her yesterday. I was wearing a knee length skirt, but my dear shadow friend seems to go on forever.

And then T-Bird took some photos of me. Which I now realize, there are not many of myself out there. These were okay-ish, so I thought I'd share.

Why do I hold my arm up like this?? I do it ALL the time! I'm confused.
Ooops, you can see a bit of pregnant belly there.

Ugh, there's the hand/arm again. I'm a strange, strange woman!
My other thought here is that I will never be free of my 'thinking' spot. That spot between my all too light eyebrows. That spot that has spent years thinking, understanding, concentrating...Yes, I will always have it. Which leads to the next thought, I have a sweet spot on my lower lip. A dark freckle/mole. So don't tell me I have something on my bottom lip--It's always there. Despite the many a friend have have tried to move it for me thinking it was a bit of something else. Thank you dear friends.
So, here you go--this is a rare glimpse of who I am today, er, yesterday.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Name This Baby!

I have a secret. Well, not so much a secret since I've told several people. Our baby girl has been named since 19 weeks. Unheard of in this family! Brett and I always wait until the last minute to name our kids. We each make a list during the home stretch and mark each others according to likes and dislikes. That's the way we've always done it. The lists eventually get whittled down, we discuss it and find the perfect name for our baby.

To have named her so early was a little nutty and seemingly too easy. But it's stuck with us for the past eleven weeks.

Until I asked my dear husband if he wanted me to publicly proclaim her name on facebook...Should have known.

Brett: No, just in case we change our minds.
Me: What??????!!!!! Well, what other name do you like, Brett?
Brett: I dunno. {and off he went}
Me: ????????

So, here is a list of names that we definitely know our baby will not be named:

Susan, Susannah, Suzie
Stella {I named my gun Stella because I had given up hope of having a girl. She is mentioned here}
Layla {I love Layla}
Iva {Love, love Iva. Inspired by Brett's Aunt Iva Jean who has the voice of a beautiful ringing bell}
Ava {I thought I'd be sneaky and just change the /I/ to /A/ and then Brett would like it. Didn't work. And apparently I'm very much out of the girl loop because Ava is in the top 5 most popular names.}
Emily {I have a good friend named Emily so that would seem strange-ish}
Ciara, Sierra {Love. Brett says its too 'western' for our family}
Louisa {My great grandmother was a Louise}
Caroline {This name seems so sweet and beautiful to me}
Beth {My grandma was a Betty}
Rose-of-Sharon {My bff from college days middle name. I told her I would name my daughter after her. Brett has balked that idea from the beginning. I'm trying to figure out how to make this a nickname or something for her.}
Isabel {We love Isabel, but we have so many Bella, Isabelle, Isabella friends}
Miriam {Even though I have a friend named Miriam I was willing to go for it}
Natalie {Love Natalie despite that point of not liking it during the Facts of Life days}

Now, for those who have asked and I've told, please keep the Baby Girl name on the down low still. We'll likely use it. But there is a 5% chance that Brett will discover a new amazing name for our child.

Only 9 weeks and 4 days to go. {give or take a day or two}

Oh, and feel free to apply peer pressure to Brett for him to make a decision. He likes it. Hahaha.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Homeschool Files: Can I Be Honest With You?

alternate title: this is how it goes

Man, I so got this. We are on our way to the creek for a story, science experiment and a craft. I am awesome! My kids have a great life.

Those are the thougts that were rushing through my egotistical mind a couple of weeks ago. I take the kids somewhere in our Small Town or the vicinity and read a book and do a little something extra one day a week. What kid wouldn't like that?

We got to the creek, started our story and.....the meltdowns and chaos attacked us! Are you kidding me!!??? I put out all of this effort and even remembered snacks and drinks! What is wrong with my kids? Don't they know that I'm one woman carrying one in utero baby whose attempting greatness for their delight?!!!

Yep, that's how some of our days go. I'm such a perfectionist that it's really difficult for me to fail and adjust. I'm getting better. Apparently, you learn patience when you choose home education. Somedays, the patience well is dry.

On this particular day, we scrapped the whole great idea I had and continued on our walk. Inside I was still stewing from my kids behavior but trying not to drain them with constant chastisement. It was done, moving on.

They got five minutes of play at the creek before leaving for our walk. There had to be some sort of consequence, but I couldn't waste a bit of greatness at the creek.

Here is the bow and arrow referenced a couple of posts ago.

And that's when our day was salvaged.

By something so small and great. T-Bird was the first to think of the idea. Some of you know of our obsession with these.
Yes, mushroom finds make everyday great. We started a mushroom count/hunt along our walk.

We counted 29 along our walk excluding the countless cluster mushrooms. And that's what turned our day around. The kids apologized for their behavior and asked for me to read to them when we got home.
And that's how somedays go. Some days are stinky. Some days are awesome. You just go with it.

We chose home education. We love our home education. Most days are super-duper awesome.

There are days when I shout for joy, We homeschool and we are amazing!

Then there are days when I think, I could send two of these kids to school and it would be just me and Hoot! Hallelujah! But I don't want to send my kids to school. Shoot, the biggest reason being that I can't get my own glad-rags on in time to get them to school. Yes, we get up early. No, that does not mean I function fully early.

The beauty of homeschooling:
1. My kids are always with me.
2. I get to choose their sphere of influence(for now).
3. I know exactly where they are academically.
4. All of our life is learning.
5. Despite its name, we can do our school work ANYWHERE! Outside, inside, at the park, in the woods, at our friends and families. We cannot be contained!
6. I see my children's development and firsts of almost everything. (absolutely priceless)
7. I choose my kiddos' curriculum. Content is oh so important. I feel like there is a method to the madness. (Here's a side note: Even though we are Christians I don't shield my kids from thought that we don't necessarily agree with. Like, oh say, evolution. We have lots of books and nature DVDs that reference things that are a little iffy to us. I don't fear that that is going to be the deal breaker for my kids' faith. I do feel that if I blacked it out of books and forwarded through shows that would show my own weakness and my lack of faith in our beliefs. Not a big deal.)
8. I get to work on character building with them.
9. We establish trust and friendship. (not that you don't if you choose another education avenue.)
10. We choose our schedule. (Wanna take half of December and January off for holiday fun, winter enjoyment and baby recovery--have at it!)

The ugly of homeschooling:
1. My kids are always with me. (Yes, this was on the beauty list as well)
2. Comparison to other homeschoolers.
3. You are solely in charge of your kid's education.
4. It takes a while to find your groove and your kid's learning style. (Thank the Lord for grace an mercy)
5. Sometimes I loose my identity. Some days I'm just a stay at home mom of three little boys, home I do anything else?....who am I?....what day is it? I only have mom clothes?....
6. You live in your house with three ragamuffin children 24 hours a day. Mud, laundry, dishes...Home keeping is sometimes a challenge.
7. Some days you just don't want to do your schoolwork, er, you don't feel like making your children rather.
8. Your kids feel neglected because they see the big yellow bus go by every day and have yet to ride on one. (Next summer on the hottest day I hope to arrange and dirt road bus ride. Shoot, my kids would probably think that was great too. I hated the bus. Kids smell so bad and the bus just magnified it!)
9. Judgement-both self imposed and from family and acquaintances.

For us, the beauty is worth the ugly.
That's just a glimpse into our honest to goodness homeschooling world. A beautiful thing.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Good Report

It's been a while since I've given a numbered account of all things good in my world. Guess I'll give it a go today.

1. Hot Chocolate. Not just any hot chocolate. Steamed milk and plain, old, wonderful Ghirardelli chocolate. Not too sweet--perfect.

2. Early Sunday morning calls asking for a favor. You know the kind where your midwife asks if you'd volunteer to have a free prenatal massage because she needs one more obviously pregnant woman to fill in for the class she's teaching. I had a hard time saying yes...NOT! Thank you Sunday afternoon one hour and a half massage. You were good to me.

3. Every morning I hear three separate thuds from my kids room. They literally jump out of their bed. Then they come in with a groggy Good morning, Momma and the sweetest hugs. They are so sweet first thing in the mornings. {Read into that what you will}

4. Don't know why, but this picture makes me happy--Therefore it gets on the good report.

5. I so, so want this travel system. However, I have not decided yet if the fourth child gets such a splurge. Until the big decision, I'm quite happy admiring it on a daily basis online.

6. Brett: Hey Belly, Belly. {That's my nickname these days} as he walks by and rubs my baby belly. Me: You like my belly? Brett: Ya, but I really like the you under the belly. {Aw, shucks. He says the most romantic things.}

7. Beth Moore's Esther Bible study. It's just what I need at just the right time. The subtitle is It's Tough Being a Woman. Right now I think it should say, It's Tough Being a Woman When Your Name is Adelia. Very thankful for this study!!!

8. Pictureka Card game. This little card game has salvaged many a days over the past few weeks. Ooops, kid about to have a melt down? Who wants to play Pictureka?! And the drawings are reminiscent of Brett and his friend Justin's drawings from high school. They are crude and slightly gross. What all great art is made of.

9. Friendships that know no distance or time barriers. My best friend from high school is entirely too good to me. She sent a package with items from my registry and a cute little monkey outfit. You can check her life out here. And my best friend from college/early Brett days. She just sent me a box full of baby clothes. I don't know why they love me so, but I'm blessed to have them!

10. The fact that I have prego brain and have not yet misplaced one of my children. Yes, that is good!

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