Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Talk: This and That and a Name

Seven weeks and a handful of days to go! My, my. Excitement is finally starting to takeover my body. I know, I know--it's about time.

So, here I sit trying to savor every moment left in this pregnancy. Haven't I told you? We are so shutting down the baby factory after this.

It's a bit unnatural for me to think of not having a baby in my womb ever again.

While I cannot wait to meet this child, I find myself hoping that the days linger. Wishing that I feel her kicks, nudges and intimate conversation in slow motion. Loving the moments when only I know that she's sleeping, hiccuping, or dancing. She's only talking to me. She's my sweet pea. Okay, now I'm starting to get a little bleary-eyed.

Ridiculous that I'll always want to have more children. But that's a door we are going to shut. Brett and I are on the same page with this decision. Such a difficult decision.

My little boys blue are absolutely precious when it concerns the baby. Professor X is my most aware and loving toward her. He snuggles her and rubs my belly. He talks to her in sweet whispers. I have to ask him to repeat what he says. Here's a bit of the chatter heard:

You know you're going to have to come out of there one day.

I wonder what day you will be born. What will your birthday be?

I wonder if your going to love sugar like me?

I can't wait to meet you. {okay, that melted my heart}

Ya, the Professor is a deep, loving fellow.

Let's switch trains and get onto the care provider track. I love my midwife. She's borderline awesome. Okay, no, she's awesome! I cannot tell you here my thousand and one reasons why I'm glad we've chosen this route {I will if you ask me in person}, but I have such a feeling of peace and trust in it.

Anyway, my boys love to be able to hold the doppler and listen to the baby. Hoot has cracked me up every time he does it. The first time to use the doppler, he held it in one hand and rested his head in the other as if doopty-doo, no big deal...done this before. And then this last time Janessa asked if he wanted to listen to the baby. He said yes and pressed his ear to my belly. Oh. So. Precious.

Then there is the appointment when my kids started raving about how fun it is to blow raspberries on my belly. Janessa loved the story and encouraged T-Bird to give it a go right then. Of course, T doesn't shy away from impulsive behavior and gave it his all followed by the other two littles................Followed midwife.....Yes, she did and we all laughed. These are the important benefits of having a midwife. You have to know what counts. :)

32 weeks. Something like 4 lbs and 17 inches or so. That's half of my babies. Yes, my kiddos were 8lbs, 8lbs 13oz, and 8lbs 10 oz. I should say that I have dreamed that she weighs 7lbs 4 oz when she is born...we'll see. I wouldn't know what to do with something so tiny.

I'm very, very tired these days. I'm praying for energy and wisdom in how I use my energy. Precious, precious energy. How I covet thee.

And without further ado, Brett has given me permission to reveal her first name.

Dutt, dutta, duh------Alaina.

So, Baby Alaina will be here sometime in December. Yeeeeee!!! Are you squealing with delight as well??

We love Alaina because it has ties to Brett's name and my name begins and ends with an A. So, she'll have a bit of Brett and I while being her own little person. We also found out a couple of weeks ago that if Brett were to have been a girl, his mother had picked out the name Alaina. Kind of makes it seem like God has his hands all over the design of my family, huh?

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Suzanne said...

Will you love sugar? LOL.

Love the name!

Stacy said...

Alaina is a beautiful name! Can't wait to meet her.

Adelia said...

Thanks, ladies!! I am so excited!

I'm really hoping not to have another sugar addict by the way. :)

Lauren said...

LOVE the name! I have a sweet friend named Alaina, and I call her Lainey sometimes. :) can't wait to meet baby A!

Adelia said...

Thanks Lauren! I have been calling her my Lainey Lou. I'm sure she'll love it. ;) Ha!