Friday, October 1, 2010

The Good Report

It's been a while since I've given a numbered account of all things good in my world. Guess I'll give it a go today.

1. Hot Chocolate. Not just any hot chocolate. Steamed milk and plain, old, wonderful Ghirardelli chocolate. Not too sweet--perfect.

2. Early Sunday morning calls asking for a favor. You know the kind where your midwife asks if you'd volunteer to have a free prenatal massage because she needs one more obviously pregnant woman to fill in for the class she's teaching. I had a hard time saying yes...NOT! Thank you Sunday afternoon one hour and a half massage. You were good to me.

3. Every morning I hear three separate thuds from my kids room. They literally jump out of their bed. Then they come in with a groggy Good morning, Momma and the sweetest hugs. They are so sweet first thing in the mornings. {Read into that what you will}

4. Don't know why, but this picture makes me happy--Therefore it gets on the good report.

5. I so, so want this travel system. However, I have not decided yet if the fourth child gets such a splurge. Until the big decision, I'm quite happy admiring it on a daily basis online.

6. Brett: Hey Belly, Belly. {That's my nickname these days} as he walks by and rubs my baby belly. Me: You like my belly? Brett: Ya, but I really like the you under the belly. {Aw, shucks. He says the most romantic things.}

7. Beth Moore's Esther Bible study. It's just what I need at just the right time. The subtitle is It's Tough Being a Woman. Right now I think it should say, It's Tough Being a Woman When Your Name is Adelia. Very thankful for this study!!!

8. Pictureka Card game. This little card game has salvaged many a days over the past few weeks. Ooops, kid about to have a melt down? Who wants to play Pictureka?! And the drawings are reminiscent of Brett and his friend Justin's drawings from high school. They are crude and slightly gross. What all great art is made of.

9. Friendships that know no distance or time barriers. My best friend from high school is entirely too good to me. She sent a package with items from my registry and a cute little monkey outfit. You can check her life out here. And my best friend from college/early Brett days. She just sent me a box full of baby clothes. I don't know why they love me so, but I'm blessed to have them!

10. The fact that I have prego brain and have not yet misplaced one of my children. Yes, that is good!

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