Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Homeschool Files: Can I Be Honest With You?

alternate title: this is how it goes

Man, I so got this. We are on our way to the creek for a story, science experiment and a craft. I am awesome! My kids have a great life.

Those are the thougts that were rushing through my egotistical mind a couple of weeks ago. I take the kids somewhere in our Small Town or the vicinity and read a book and do a little something extra one day a week. What kid wouldn't like that?

We got to the creek, started our story and.....the meltdowns and chaos attacked us! Are you kidding me!!??? I put out all of this effort and even remembered snacks and drinks! What is wrong with my kids? Don't they know that I'm one woman carrying one in utero baby whose attempting greatness for their delight?!!!

Yep, that's how some of our days go. I'm such a perfectionist that it's really difficult for me to fail and adjust. I'm getting better. Apparently, you learn patience when you choose home education. Somedays, the patience well is dry.

On this particular day, we scrapped the whole great idea I had and continued on our walk. Inside I was still stewing from my kids behavior but trying not to drain them with constant chastisement. It was done, moving on.

They got five minutes of play at the creek before leaving for our walk. There had to be some sort of consequence, but I couldn't waste a bit of greatness at the creek.

Here is the bow and arrow referenced a couple of posts ago.

And that's when our day was salvaged.

By something so small and great. T-Bird was the first to think of the idea. Some of you know of our obsession with these.
Yes, mushroom finds make everyday great. We started a mushroom count/hunt along our walk.

We counted 29 along our walk excluding the countless cluster mushrooms. And that's what turned our day around. The kids apologized for their behavior and asked for me to read to them when we got home.
And that's how somedays go. Some days are stinky. Some days are awesome. You just go with it.

We chose home education. We love our home education. Most days are super-duper awesome.

There are days when I shout for joy, We homeschool and we are amazing!

Then there are days when I think, I could send two of these kids to school and it would be just me and Hoot! Hallelujah! But I don't want to send my kids to school. Shoot, the biggest reason being that I can't get my own glad-rags on in time to get them to school. Yes, we get up early. No, that does not mean I function fully early.

The beauty of homeschooling:
1. My kids are always with me.
2. I get to choose their sphere of influence(for now).
3. I know exactly where they are academically.
4. All of our life is learning.
5. Despite its name, we can do our school work ANYWHERE! Outside, inside, at the park, in the woods, at our friends and families. We cannot be contained!
6. I see my children's development and firsts of almost everything. (absolutely priceless)
7. I choose my kiddos' curriculum. Content is oh so important. I feel like there is a method to the madness. (Here's a side note: Even though we are Christians I don't shield my kids from thought that we don't necessarily agree with. Like, oh say, evolution. We have lots of books and nature DVDs that reference things that are a little iffy to us. I don't fear that that is going to be the deal breaker for my kids' faith. I do feel that if I blacked it out of books and forwarded through shows that would show my own weakness and my lack of faith in our beliefs. Not a big deal.)
8. I get to work on character building with them.
9. We establish trust and friendship. (not that you don't if you choose another education avenue.)
10. We choose our schedule. (Wanna take half of December and January off for holiday fun, winter enjoyment and baby recovery--have at it!)

The ugly of homeschooling:
1. My kids are always with me. (Yes, this was on the beauty list as well)
2. Comparison to other homeschoolers.
3. You are solely in charge of your kid's education.
4. It takes a while to find your groove and your kid's learning style. (Thank the Lord for grace an mercy)
5. Sometimes I loose my identity. Some days I'm just a stay at home mom of three little boys, home educating....and....do I do anything else?....who am I?....what day is it?....do I only have mom clothes?....
6. You live in your house with three ragamuffin children 24 hours a day. Mud, laundry, dishes...Home keeping is sometimes a challenge.
7. Some days you just don't want to do your schoolwork, er, you don't feel like making your children rather.
8. Your kids feel neglected because they see the big yellow bus go by every day and have yet to ride on one. (Next summer on the hottest day I hope to arrange and dirt road bus ride. Shoot, my kids would probably think that was great too. I hated the bus. Kids smell so bad and the bus just magnified it!)
9. Judgement-both self imposed and from family and acquaintances.

For us, the beauty is worth the ugly.
That's just a glimpse into our honest to goodness homeschooling world. A beautiful thing.

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