Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Being Followed

As I was crossing our street to gather the mail from our mailbox, I had this feeling. Someone was looking at me. Someone was walking with me. Someone was with me!

I turned around and there she was. She's tallish and dark and rotund...
I don't think I've paid much attention to my pregnant shadow. For whatever reason, I noticed her yesterday. I was wearing a knee length skirt, but my dear shadow friend seems to go on forever.

And then T-Bird took some photos of me. Which I now realize, there are not many of myself out there. These were okay-ish, so I thought I'd share.

Why do I hold my arm up like this?? I do it ALL the time! I'm confused.
Ooops, you can see a bit of pregnant belly there.

Ugh, there's the hand/arm again. I'm a strange, strange woman!
My other thought here is that I will never be free of my 'thinking' spot. That spot between my all too light eyebrows. That spot that has spent years thinking, understanding, concentrating...Yes, I will always have it. Which leads to the next thought, I have a sweet spot on my lower lip. A dark freckle/mole. So don't tell me I have something on my bottom lip--It's always there. Despite the many a friend have have tried to move it for me thinking it was a bit of something else. Thank you dear friends.
So, here you go--this is a rare glimpse of who I am today, er, yesterday.

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Charlie said...

Wow - Check out that glow. Great pictures.