Friday, October 8, 2010

Name This Baby!

I have a secret. Well, not so much a secret since I've told several people. Our baby girl has been named since 19 weeks. Unheard of in this family! Brett and I always wait until the last minute to name our kids. We each make a list during the home stretch and mark each others according to likes and dislikes. That's the way we've always done it. The lists eventually get whittled down, we discuss it and find the perfect name for our baby.

To have named her so early was a little nutty and seemingly too easy. But it's stuck with us for the past eleven weeks.

Until I asked my dear husband if he wanted me to publicly proclaim her name on facebook...Should have known.

Brett: No, just in case we change our minds.
Me: What??????!!!!! Well, what other name do you like, Brett?
Brett: I dunno. {and off he went}
Me: ????????

So, here is a list of names that we definitely know our baby will not be named:

Susan, Susannah, Suzie
Stella {I named my gun Stella because I had given up hope of having a girl. She is mentioned here}
Layla {I love Layla}
Iva {Love, love Iva. Inspired by Brett's Aunt Iva Jean who has the voice of a beautiful ringing bell}
Ava {I thought I'd be sneaky and just change the /I/ to /A/ and then Brett would like it. Didn't work. And apparently I'm very much out of the girl loop because Ava is in the top 5 most popular names.}
Emily {I have a good friend named Emily so that would seem strange-ish}
Ciara, Sierra {Love. Brett says its too 'western' for our family}
Louisa {My great grandmother was a Louise}
Caroline {This name seems so sweet and beautiful to me}
Beth {My grandma was a Betty}
Rose-of-Sharon {My bff from college days middle name. I told her I would name my daughter after her. Brett has balked that idea from the beginning. I'm trying to figure out how to make this a nickname or something for her.}
Isabel {We love Isabel, but we have so many Bella, Isabelle, Isabella friends}
Miriam {Even though I have a friend named Miriam I was willing to go for it}
Natalie {Love Natalie despite that point of not liking it during the Facts of Life days}

Now, for those who have asked and I've told, please keep the Baby Girl name on the down low still. We'll likely use it. But there is a 5% chance that Brett will discover a new amazing name for our child.

Only 9 weeks and 4 days to go. {give or take a day or two}

Oh, and feel free to apply peer pressure to Brett for him to make a decision. He likes it. Hahaha.

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Sasha said...

I love you and your blog!

Lauren said...
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Adelia said...

I love you too, Sasha!!! Thanks!