Thursday, November 25, 2010

Being Conscious of My Treasures

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder

I hope I never loose my optimism. I hope I never cease to see the joy in the little, sometimes ridiculous things. My life is immeasurably blessed, and I praise the Lord and am ever so thankful for days of mercy and blessing.

I am thankful for the color blue--such a happy color.

I am thankful for a warm home when the weather does a 24 hour switch from 70 degrees to 30 degrees. {You rock, Arkansas weather!}

I am thankful for a husband who is absolutely amazing. {amazing, not perfect} He is a man who does not give in--he has a set of standards that he lives by and does not waver. Yet, in his relationship with others, he is so forgiving and kind. These characteristics make me love him even more.

I am thankful for T-Bird's kindness. I love that he has giggles in his innermost being. I love his want to learn new things, especially in the world of science and nature.

I am thankful for Professor X's tender heart. I enjoy his ever expanse vocabulary and his want to learn the definition of every word. "Mom, what exactly does appetite mean?" That was today's word of wonder.

I am thankful for Hoot's need to be almost animal like. He pounces everywhere. Always has and likely always will. I love his blond curls on his round head. I love how he says "I wudge you" in a sleepy voice. {That's "I love you" for those who don't speak Hootish}

I am thankful for my mom who lives just a stone's throw away. I am thankful that she has been my dear friend my entire life.

I am thankful for the sweet serendipities that are nothing other than the Lord working out the kinks in my path. I am thankful for the blessings and mercies He is working out as I sit here typing.

I am thankful for the joy in my belly. Oh, wait that's a baby--okay and joy. She is so close to being here. I have become tearful at the thought of meeting her over the past two days. I mean, I will KNOW her in just days!!! I'm so excited it makes my heart fill up and spill over. That would be the misty-eyes. {Am I silly?}

I am thankful for the people who let me tell the same baby stories over and over. I am thankful for the people who ask how I am and let me gush about my baby and don't seem annoyed with my talking incessantly about my little gal.

I am thankful for the bestest {yes bestest--so stellar that I had to break some grammar laws} prenatal care I have ever received.

I am thankful for my lovely, kind, and unwavering friends.

I am so blessed.

{Oh, and if that pic at the top looks familiar, that's because it's from last year's Thanksgiving. I didn't get all gussied up this year. I decided to just hang out and gestate.}

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