Monday, November 15, 2010

Prego Pics by T and Sasquatch Sightings

Have I mentioned lately that I'm not getting around too swiftly these days? Yes, I'm waddling. I can't even pull it together to walk all cute and peppy in public. No, it's a waddle. My apologies to those who are having to witness the waddle.

I dropped my keys last night as I was leaving AWANA. I had just dropped off the boys and unlocked my door when those slippery little suckers fell to the ground. I stared at them for quite a while.

Should I bend over and pick them up? I really don't want to pick them up. I can do it. But I don't want to. Maybe I should go find someone to pick them up for me. Which would take more energy? Oh, geez, I guess I'll do it myself.

It was a close decision. And because I bent over to pick them up, that took up my reserve energy to stop by Braum's and get milk, eggs and cheese. Breakfast was interesting this morning...

I've been feeling a bit guilty because the boys and I have not been off on our amazing adventures. No, this Momma is quite the homebody these days.

Last week I really tried to make up for it. We went on a few small adventures and had a good time. {read: then I came home and took a two hour nap}

T-Bird is quite enamoured with skate boarding. I had said I would take him to the skate park while the riff-raff was in school. I just hate for my kids to be around smoke and cursing. Well, my Nanny called and took up quite a bit of time, so we went to another skate equipment-less park. But they did have smooth trails.

Hoot came along with us, but he was entirely upset that we were not at THE skate park and opted to carry his board. He's a nut.

T took random pics of me. Some are quite funny and I am NOT posting them. But here are some.

Me being sleepy on the bench.

This picture reminds me of the sasquatch sighting picture...
You know, this one:
Love this, me ordering one of the two around. They make me nervous sometimes.

Oh, wait! Another sasquatch sighting walk...Guess Hoot gets it honest.

You can tell I'm a little confused here as T tells me what to do. {He's so cool}

There he is!
Whoa, Brother, hang on to it!

I like this photo and point of view because it seems to scream, SHE'S HUGE! And that's okay with me.

Now this is ME! Goofy and showing out!
Well, that's as good as it gets. Actually, we had family pics taken yesterday!!! I'm super excited about them. I feel like shouting, Sasha rocks! But that's a post to come perhaps.
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