Monday, November 1, 2010

The Thankful Season, Day 1

It's here! November is finally here! I can remember being five weeks pregnant and thinking, December is so far away. I always have the longest pregnancies...And here we are on the cusp of December. Ironically, this pregnancy has seemed to zoom by--not sure if I'm completely thankful for that. It is my last pregnancy after all.

How I adore the magic of Autumn. Are there people in the world who despise fall? I'm sure there has to be, much like I loathe 100+ degree, humidity drenched Arkansas summers. Seriously, the pool isn't quite so great when it's warm. I always feel like I'm swimming in germs--Now a creek, it's always cold and those germs seem much cleaner. But back to the wonderfulness of fall.

I'm more than disappointed that I'm not able to go on amazing outdoor adventures with my family as we do every fall. This pregnant momma tires a little too easily these days. Something about being a mom to 3, functioning for a family of 5, being exotic and mysterious for my husband, and incubating one lovely baby for at least another 6 weeks. I'm just kind of done.

{I'm pretty sure Brett has never thought of me as exotic nor mysterious. Maybe that's why it's so exhausting to try.}

This season my greatness is small. But you know me and know that I thrive on small wonders. Yes, little things make me squeal with delight. The beauty of an acorn will always make my heart race. Acorns--magical little things.

The boys and I are celebrating the season of being thankful and recognizing our blessings.

Today is November 1st and with it comes the first list:

Adelia: I am thankful for childish urges. Even when I'm exhausted, I cannot resist the urge to tromp through the freshly fallen tapestry of leaves that covers our back yard. Oh, heck. Might as well pile 'em up and give it a good go. Brownies for breakfast, cleaning my house in fairy wings (yes, I do--have since I lived alone in college--you should try it--when I remember to don the wings, cleaning is more enjoyable), dancing with joy--even in public, laughing too loud, never hiding my excitement. Yes, I have childish urges. Thankful for those ridiculous urges.

T-Bird: He's in a serious mood today. With that he's given a serious answer: I'm thankful for my family.

Professor X: I'm thankful for making brownies with Momma. {the way to that kid's heart is through a little refined thing called sugar, perhaps you've heard of it}

Little Hoot: I'm thankful for Ninja costumes. {Side note: Hoot used to pronounce ninja as jeenya and would walk around saying, I'm a jeenya, nice to meetcha. So adorable.}

I would also like to share a beautiful quote with you:

Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility.~Kate Douglas Wiggin

Doesn't that make you feel just wonderful inside??

We're off to enjoy the possibilities of today.

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