Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Thankful Season, Day 2

Well, this is the third day of having three hours or less of sleep. Hmmm, emotions are stirring. Yes, when I don't sleep I eventually get a little weepy. Weepy and a bit irrational. I bet I could pull off a few more nights before we hit that stage.

However, I just don't have time to have the emotional breakdown that I'm entitled to. (haha)

No, I have a bedroom that is only half primed and painted. My mother is painting for me in her spare time. Having a room undone makes my eyes twitch and my skin itch. It's not a pretty sight. Me twitching and itching that is--well, the room isn't much to look at either.

While I tried to steal a nap today, the little two--who have dubbed themselves Thing 1 and Thing 2 did this to the hall way outside the playroom. I'm unsure what was going on. Okay, never mind, I'm not going to go take a picture. Time consuming. Just know that someone threw a party in the hall. I wasn't invited.

I need to get to the post office to send off about 20 thank you notes, 5 hey how are you notes, 12 look at how cute my kids are pictures, and one large package. Small Town Post Office, how you evade me! Three rambunctious kids, how you make Small Town Post Office such a challenge!

I have what seems to be a monolith of laundry in the middle of my floor right now. I despise laundry. The puke fest that transpired recently only added to the already massive pile.

{Side note: I didn't expect the number of times I would be puked on, peed on or pooped on as a mother. Brett has yet to be puked on! Last time I had the pleasure of such dynamics, I looked at Brett and said, ONE DAY---IT'S GOING TO BE YOU!!! I was in my first trimester with this baby. I can't be blamed for such strong words.}

I need to vacuum my entire house and shampoo the carpets. Having the windows open is wonderful...BUT, the lovely allergens that fly in must be executed!

I have to buy another refrigerator. Our refrigerator has been dying and springing to life for some time now. It finally lost all hope and went on to fridge heaven this weekend. We've been living out of a cooler and a deep freeze. Thank you Grandma Nell for that freezer a few years ago!!! But finding a refrigerator takes time and effort. Something I'm running low on these days. The cooler seems to be the solution for now.

Dishes and mopping are waiting for me. I've been keeping up with at least shining my sink, but the previously mentioned puke fest has delayed a lot of my greatness. I'm a bathroom disinfecting queen! That's pretty great, right?!

My to do list could continue indefinitely, but that's overwhelming to me so I'll stop.

So, here I am using my time wisely and blogging. We'll lump that into stress management. A useful tool to head off the emotional breakdown I'm entitled to but not going to have.

And without further unrelated ado, here is today's thankful list:

Adelia: My baby has been in breech position. Not only breech, but she has been doing this awesome stick her head up in Momma's sternum so she can move Momma's ribs out and Momma can throw up for hours while sweating and crying in pain trick. Oh, it has been really, really awesome. So, I had been working on trying to flip her for some time now. Knee chest position, laying on an inclined ironing board, angry cat stretches, frozen peas on top of my fundus {that's not dirty word, that the top of my uterus}, rubbing in a circular motion over my belly to encourage her to move down...And then last Tuesday came--I felt a tightening and swirling without big visual nudges on the outside of my belly. After the movement ended, I ran in to tell Brett that I was nearly positive the baby moved and encouraged him to feel how mushy my fundus was. {Once again, not a dirty word} Yesterday's midwife appointment confirmed my suspicions. My baby is all set to go. Just a few more weeks and a few more pounds on her part. I am thankful for a non-breech baby! I am thankful for those who knew of the situation and prayed for me, my back, and the baby!!

T-Bird: I'm thankful for Star Wars. Star Wars Legos, books, my own artwork and drawings of characters... {Lego really turned him on to Star Wars.}

Professor X: I'm thankful for sometimes spending the night with Grandma. {Brett's mom}

Little Hoot: Um, spending the night with Nane. {My mom}

And today's quote: We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are. Calvin and Hobbes

So, I'll spend the rest of the day taking care of my household business and enjoying where I am--even if it's here with a long to do list, twitchy eyes and a sleep deprived brain. It's my life. :)

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Soaring High said...

yeah! yeah! yeah for baby turning! Praying she stays there!

Suzanne said...

I love you. Thank you for sharing. I thought at first I was reading my to do list. Hope today brings great joy and many small accomplishments rather seen or not.:)