Friday, December 10, 2010

The Best Baby Belly Rubber in the World

Well, that is right up there with "rubber baby buggy bumpers" now isn't it?

There are some things that I just don't want to forget. Right now, I don't ever want to forget this:
This child has such a tender heart toward the baby. He's rubbed my belly since the first hint of roundness. His morning rhythm begins with cuddling up to me and getting his rubbing motor revving. He also walks me to the truck--as in, he places his hands on my back and belly and "carries" my belly to the truck. Okay, my eyes are a little watery now. He's just sooooooooo sweet sometimes.

I know this is an important way he shows love. The Professor responds well to touch therapy. I accidentally discovered this when he was a baby. He was so creamy and white as though he had been freshly laundered and sent down from Heaven. His little cheeks were so soft and I would rub his cheek when he nursed or went down for a nap. One of the initial phrases he used was "rubba cheek." I still rubba cheek for him. And he rubba belly for me.

Let's not forget his sweet whisperings to her:
I wonder when your birthday will be?
I wonder if you will like sugar like me?
You know you're going to come out one day...I don't know when, but one day...

Oh my! My heart can hardly handle this!!

And then Little Hoot had to get in on the action.
He's a little impish don't you think?

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