Friday, December 3, 2010

Random Thoughts on this Friday

My mind seems to be on cruise control today. We're maintaining a high speed. One thing, I'm thinking, I have so much to do so why am I sitting here typing?! Luckily, that is a rhetorical question.

Then I started thinking about the fact that Hoot is going to be 4 this weekend. 4! 4!? I still think of him as my baby. No, not because he is the youngest, but because he still has baby features. His big round pumpkin head. That light white hair. Those kissy cheeks with big blue eyes. Oh, my heart! It doesn't help that he just started truly speaking over the last couple of months. Seriously.

I'm always surprised when he forms sentences. That sounds terrible, but it is the truth. He was the child of ughs and grunts for so long. Today's startling sentence was, "I'm so excited about my birthday. It's almost my birthday!" And then he went back into silence. Tears rimmed my eyes. He says such precious things and is smart as the proverbial whip, but when he forms his sentences he makes it seems as though it took everything he had to get it out. Oh, my heart--again!

I have a baby due in just days and yet here I sit wanting Hoot to stay my baby forever. I think about nursing him. UGH. He always wanted to purse his lips----NOT GOOD. I called him my little prude. And he is the hottest child in the world. So sweaty. Nursing him in the summer was exceptionally disgusting. And you couldn't speak when he was nursing or make any sort of noise. Yes, the child was nosey, nosey. He would break from nursing and try to sit up and I would say, "Mind your business" and back he would go to dinner. Here I have listed a series of nursing events that don't seem charming at all, but to this Momma they are precious memories!

And now he is a boy. A big boy. Who let this happen?

Oh, by the way, it is now Saturday, so I obviously took a break and never returned to this task. I'm also thinking, holy moly, my estimated due date is 10 days away. Likely, in the next two weeks we will meet our twirling little girl. Yes, she 'twirls' in utero. Did you know that motion sickness is one of my weaknesses? I took five Dramamine once just to ride a roller coaster. And I still got sick. So this little twirly-whirl she does is definitely exciting in a not really exciting way.

Did you know that I can list 23 women that I have been pregnant with during this baby incubation period. That's just off the top of my head. I've recently found out more friends are in the family way, so I'm sure I could add more. It's a really fun time in so many ladies' lives!

I'll end with a funny thought: Hoot had a little friend over last night. One of my friends was going on our Small Town Christmas Home Tour and I offered to watch her littlest. I mean, aren't home tours more enjoyable without a pre-schooler in tow? We heard Hoot say something so funny. We could hear good pre-k cowboy banter coming from Hoot's room, and Brett decided to go check it out.

Brett: Hey guys, whatcha doing?
Boys: Nothing.
Brett leaves and hears Hoot say in his deepest cowboy/big boy voice: That's my dad. He talks so much.

We found that to be hilarious! And we all know my biggest complaint about Brett is that he talks so much--ya, I rarely get a word in. {seething with sarcasm}

I guess the alternate title of this post could be: I've Got Nothin'--Just Felt Like Blogging!

Make it a good day!

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