Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It Snew!

Don't you just wish the past tense for snow was snew?! And that if you did say it, you should use your best nasal British accent.


Just me?


Well, it snew...er...I mean, snowed last week.

The boys were thrilled.

I was surprised when they stayed outside for longer than a half hour. Because it was SUPER DUPER COLD--and with the cheek chapping wind, it was even colder!


The men whom I love.

As I entered the house and shut the door behind me, this happened.

And then his minions followed suit.
Hoot's went a little wayward. You can see him eyeing his greatness that hit the bricks.

Yes, pelting snow balls at Momma and pretending they are smashing into her face is such fun. That's what I'm here for.
I'll say that I didn't make luring comments about how they couldn't get me and to bring it on....Ya, I'll say that....

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Jenny said...

Charlie was reading by our front window the other night when Joel came in late & pelted the window with snow balls. It scared him witless! LOL Then he started yelling at him that he'd break the window - he knows because he broke a window with a snowball once.

Adelia said...

Jenny, that thought did cross my mind. I'm just waiting for the day we get our first broken window at the hand of a boy. ;)

christine said...

So fun Adelia!! And I need to meet your sweet baby girl!!

Adelia said...

YES YOU DO, Chris!!! :)